Waitrose to take over Co-op superstore in Hove

Supermarket chain Waitrose is to take over the Co-op superstore in Nevill Road, Hove, from next March.

The deal was announced today (Tuesday 12 November) by the John Lewis Partnership, which owns Waitrose.

All 80 employees at the shop will be offered the opportunity to join Waitrose and become partners in the John Lewis Partnership. Waitrose also hopes to create more jobs at the branch.

The firm said that, as Partners in the John Lewis Partnership, they will have a stake in the success of the business, a say in how it is run and a share in profits.

The Co-op branch will continue to trade as normal until Thursday 13 March next year. It will then close for approximately four weeks while the shop is transformed, before opening as a Waitrose in April.

Waitrose will be launching its Community Matters and Partner Volunteering schemes in Hove, which will see £12,000 and 250 hours donated to local causes nominated by customers each year.

Nigel Keen, director of development at Waitrose, said: “We have wanted to open a shop in Hove for a long time and are looking forward to becoming part of the local community next year and welcoming the new employees to Waitrose and the John Lewis Partnership.”

9 comments to Waitrose to take over Co-op superstore in Hove

  • This is great news for the affluent Hove Park residents! Plenty of space to part the 4×4…. The Co-op was very tired albeit popular with the baby booming pensioners. The Waitrose on Western Road is very limited on space – i’ll miss watching the ‘yummy mummies” trying to park their Range Rover or BMW X5 in a tight parking space!

    Hopefully we’ll get a proper John Lewis store in Horsham.

  • Andy

    Shame the store will be busy,at the moment you can go in Christmas Eve and its empty so you can get everything in minutes!

  • Mrs M Marchant

    Every Thursday a bus from Steyning, starting from a Sheltered accommodation complex takes a group of pensioners to this Coop store. One regular has been going there for about 18 years and is over 90 years old, others in their 80s. It is causing distress that the bus may be suspended as the older residents find it difficult to cope with a larger store. The same people ride this bus and help each others as in family. Even the driver is the same most weeks. Please Waitrose take this into account and reassure us that the bus will continue. It is also a regular income for the store on a quieter day. Younger people can shop anywhere as able bodied and are not as “faithful” as the older generation.

  • Ron Charlton

    I’m delighted that Waitrose are coming to Hove. There is just one fly in the ointment. The speed bumps in the exit,via Coral’s stadium.Unless I could find on street parking,I would not go to the Coop.Same applies to Waitrose.

  • marina patrignani

    I was absolutely delighted with the news! I have recently moved from the centre to the Nevill district and really missed shopping in Waitrose regularly as I used to do! This will be my local supermarket, such a good change for the area!

  • Sanaz

    Fantastic new, so happy to have good quality store close by, please consider keeping a coffee shop as well as we love to have coffee while shopping:-)

  • When are you due to open in Hove please?

  • Mrs M Marchant

    A big thank you to Coop who have redirected the weekly bus from Steyning to their store in Blatchington road. We had a successful first shopping there this morning and were made most welcome.

  • Jen

    What a wonderful addition to our village of Rustington West Sussex if Waitrose could take over the Co-op.

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