Work on the Brighton i360 to start within weeks

Work on the i360 viewing tower on Brighton seafront is expected to start within weeks, the West Pier Trust said yesterday (Thursday 6 March).

The trust issued a statement after members of Brighton and Hove City Council agreed to lend £36 million to the project from the Public Works Loan Board.

The project architect and developer Marks Barfield is contributing £6 million towards the overall cost of £46 million.

The remaining £4 million is coming from the Coast to Capital Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP).

And the attraction is scheduled to open in 2016 – two years after work starts.

The trust said: “The West Pier Trust is delighted that councillors have voted in favour of a funding scheme that will cost the taxpayer nothing but will regenerate a key blighted city site and send out a loud message that Brighton is open for business.

“i360 construction will start in weeks and a new era can finally begin.

“The famous West Pier site, home to the finest British pier, will once again boast an innovative and stylish attraction worthy of its predecessor.

“And Brighton’s proud reputation for being a progressive city that punches above its weight will be boldly reinstated.”

Trust chairman Glynn Jones, a former chief executive of the council, said: “I and the rest of the West Pier Trust are truly delighted that in this marvellous city by the sea, the council has agreed to give the Brighton i360 the green light.

“This was a brave decision at a difficult time but I have no doubt that its courage will directly help kickstart the local economy and demonstrate that once again Brighton and Hove has reinvented itself and is leading the way in 21st century sustainable tourism.”

The trust said that the i360 would also create interest in the sea-based site and the West Pier Trust would be in a strong position to consider new ideas for its development.

Coast to Capital chairman John Peel said: “The economic benefits from having the i360 to stimulate growth and add the most value are well recognised.

“The Coast to Capital Fund is there to unlock jobs and growth in the area.”

Coast to Capital increased its support for the i360 from £3 million to £4 million at a meeting at the end of February.

And before the council’s Policy and Resources Committee met yesterday, Coast to Capital urged councillors to support the plan to borrow £36.2 million from the government to lend on to the project.

The LEP said: “The Brighton i360 could bring tens of millions of pounds of economic benefit to the Brighton and Hove coastal region each year.”

Council leader Jason Kitcat said: “It’s very encouraging that the local enterprise partnership recognises the importance of investing in the development of the Brighton i360 and Brighton’s seafront which will give a massive boost to the local economy.”

16 comments to Work on the Brighton i360 to start within weeks

  • David

    Legalised Corruption QED.

  • Steve Parker

    It will be interesting to look back and see if it came in on budget and was completed on time.

  • saveHOVE

    Perhaps wise to wait for the application to be made by BHCC and for the PWLB response. No application has been made for the money yet. Is it just a formality or with the Loan Board scrutinise this loan more critically than BHCC did.

    Planning consent is for 100 maximum passenger load. There is no Condition of consent preventing them from raising this number to 200 I am advised by BHCC but if there are 3 trips per hour that is a potential for 600 per hour instead of 300 who will be parking, milling about, queuing, looking for a loo, parking a bus, arriving by taxi or bike and needing a bike rack.

    In agreeing this loan our councillors paid absolutely no heed to the doubled local impact on the area and made no attempt to extract an environmental impact assessment with proper analysis, consultation and an amended consent as part of the bargain. Just waived it through with no concern for traffic flow implications on Kingsway, Kings Road. Nada.

    This is plain negligent. And I believe that such a planning application would have failed. This project will make life around the Metropole, Grand and Regency Square into a nightmare of massive proportions if it actually succeeds in attracting numbers. Perhaps the council knows it won’t, that in fact attendance will be very small, unprofitable and sad so impact will be very small.

    The Marks Barfield girl speaking for them referred to joint marketing with BHCC. Just how much council tax will be put into marketing this loser – at the expense of more deserving attractions in the city?

  • Lauren Sutton

    Taking into account the magnificent hard work that the Green Council have put into realising this project, and the fantastic amounts of revenue that the i360 will generate, I think the travel pod (the doughnut-shaped part that travels up-and-down the shaft of the i360) should have the faces of ALL of Brighton’s Green councillors displayed on it’s base, and pictures of their faces should be illuminated at night.

    I have voted for, and have worked for the Green party ever since I started university at Sussex and the i360 has never made me more proud to be a member of the Green party.

    The i360 will be a WONDERFUL benefit to the people of Brighton

  • David

    At £46,000,000 it wants to be !

  • saveHOVE

    Lauren can you offer an explanation for why wealthy Brighton & Hove Councillors (I don’t need to name them) and other wealthy residents – say, Fat Boy Slim (Norman Cook), or David Gilmour, or Nick Cage or Adele or, or, or OR West Pier Trustees personally or as the West Pier Trust were not interested in any kind of opportunity to themselves invest in the i360?

    None of the so-called local supporters has been willing to invest in it. Not one. Not one penny towards having even a share of the “action”. There is plenty of wealth in this city but no interest from any of those with it in putting any investment into the i360

  • I would of liked some of the 46 million to perhaps been put towards asking the Brighton and Hove public if they wanted it or not.

    Nothing worse than an erect Albatross.

  • ian killmister

    So BHCC LEND 36 million YET SEASIDE homes was bankrolled by SANTANDER ! Obviously ” enterprise ” is more important than ” social landlord responsibilities ” . Nevermind the HUGE investment SOUTH of Portland Road . Spare a thought for those Hove-ites in the NORTH who receive NOTHING . Will this REALLY pay for ANY WEST PIER DEVELOPMENT ??

  • i wonder if the locals of Brighton are going to look back on this investment as something of wonder … the Portsmouth SPINNAKER TOWER CHALLENGES GROUPS IN BRAND NEW ‘DISCOVER PORTSMOUTH’ PACKAGE . its just a thought they can do the same for Brighton what have we got to discover from a taller tower ?

  • ian killmister

    Maybe we will get a view into one of the many ” private massage therapist”‘s rooms that abound the area !! Or will BHCC charge EXTRA ? ha ha

  • Ken Standing

    Two hundred people in a giant bagel 500ft up in the air on a spindly pole?

    Apart from anything else it just doesn’t look very safe.

    Probably it will turn out to be a C21st Daddy Long Legs.

    Again, how much will a 20 minute trip cost ….. to see ‘the horizon’??

  • Mr. Standing, your Daddy Long Legs comment would be a very welcome addition to the petition page, as would your endorsement by adding your signature.

    Please pass on a link to the saveHOVE website where there is a direct link to the petition in the most recent post.

    Petition link here too:

  • ian killmister

    I done some research . The london eye is £30 a pop . family of four £95 !! 200 in the donut at 3 rides an hour for twelve hours a day ( summer ) is 7200 tickets ! during winter I estimate much less . i mean look at the brighton eye . empty . We get more and more like SPRINGFIELD every day , WITHOUT the town hall meetings !! I am looking forward to the Devil’s Dyke MONORAIL and Leonard Nimoy coming to open it .
    You can sign the online petition against if you search ” change online petition uk public works loan board brighton 360i “

  • The Policy & Resources report on i360 for the loan gave the 2014 price for one adult as £15 for i360 and £16 in 2015 (confusingly. Children half price. How much is a helicopter ride? Or a view from the top of Sussex Heights? The Brighton Wheel is I understand £12.

  • mr Smith

    after reading the comment above about the “daddy long legs ”
    Ken Standing
    March 15, 2014 at 9.42 am
    Two hundred people in a giant bagel 500ft up in the air on a spindly pole?

    Apart from anything else it just doesn’t look very safe.

    Probably it will turn out to be a C21st Daddy Long Legs.

    Again, how much will a 20 minute trip cost ….. to see ‘the horizon’??

    Ken could have found out the info on the costs proposed and also the amazing history of the Volks Electric Sea Train ,1897 i was always told the reason it was not good was the beach pebbles was the problem but now i have seen it might have been after 5 years the cliff erosion the “ride on water ” daddy long legs had its first problems soon after opening due to storms it was saved and ………… on here

    and as for this new tower ” Two hundred people in a giant bagel 500ft up in the air on a spindly pole?

    Apart from anything else it just doesn’t look very safe. ” the post is massive and actually designed to withstand the wind …
    i am not going to sign any petition to moan about this project ….”SaveHOVE ” what needs saving or what can be done to make hove better ?

  • Ray777

    These whining nay-sayers need to get over this now. It’s going ahead despite their silly protests, and I for one couldn’t be happier. At last I say!!

    This is exactly why nothing ever gets done in this town: The complainers !

    Should we rather continue staring at a pile of rusting metal while Preston street crumbles??

    This project was approved by both the Greens AND the Conservatives.

    It will create something unique on our seafront which will not cost local taxpayers a single penny.

    It will create 50 new jobs at worst, or up to 400 if things go well.

    It will attract visitors to our city from London at a time when Margates regeneration is in full swing.

    Thank goodness we finally have some progress here.

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