Ambulance provides disco lights for impromptu Prince celebration on Brighton street

Posted On 25 Apr 2016 at 10:22 am

An ambulance passing through The Lanes as people danced to Prince in the street joined in the celebration by switching on its flashing lights.

The moment outside The Cricketers in Black Lion Street in the early hours of Sunday morning was captured on film by Thom Hodkinson, who posted it to Facebook where it has now been viewed thousands of times.

Leading the dancing to the Prince track Kiss was Pablo Woodward, the street dancer who featured in another viral video of an elderly woman in a pink coat grooving to The Beatles in North Street.

Mr Hodkinson wrote: “A bloke in a sparkly outfit (the one from that video with the granny dancing on North Street ) had about 50 odd people singing and dancing to Prince, then an ambulance drove passed and put their lights on for everyone dancing! I f****** love Brighton.”

According to commenters, not only did the ambulance crew provide the disco lights, they also got out and started filming the dancing too.

A spokesman for SECAmb said: “It appears the crew took a period of not being required to respond to engage with the vibrant local community in a moment of light relief – in what in no doubt would been a typically busy weekend shift in Brighton.”

Prince, 57, was found dead in a lift on his Paisley Park estate, near Minneapolis, on Thursday. He was cremated in a private ceremony attended by friends, family and musicians yesterday.

  1. Susan McManus Reply

    Reading between the lines of SEcam’s statement I hope the ambulance crew weren’t disciplined in any way. I am sure their action was popular with the young people involved, which can only contribute to the ambulance service’s positive profile. Of course they would have left immediately if there had been an emergency.

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