Siege man brandished gun and threatened to cut gas pipe

Posted On 17 May 2016 at 8:38 am

A man waving a gun and a knife who threatened to harm himself and officers if they entered a Brighton house, sparking a four-hour siege and neighbours’ evacuation, threatened to cut the gas pipe.

Families return to their homes in Evelyn Terrace after Sussex Police brought a three-hour siege to a peaceful conclusion. By Tom Rush

Families return to their homes in Evelyn Terrace after Sussex Police brought a four-hour siege to a peaceful conclusion. By Tom Rush

Five houses in Evelyn Terrace were evacuated as police descended upon the house shortly after 8pm last night. A woman at the address left of her own will at 8.45pm and was led to safety.

After making threats to hurt himself and officers, the man then threatened to cut the gas pipe. About 15 police cars were at the scene, along with firearms officers and the dog unit, as well as a fire response car and two gas services vans.

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Residents in the houses which weren’t evacuated were told by police to stay inside and keep their doors and windows shut. Brighton and Hove City Council was called in to arrange overnight accommodation for the evacuees.

The siege eventually ended peacefully at midnight and nobody was hurt. A knife and a gun believed to be a BB gun were found in the garden of the property.

A police spokeswoman said: “At 8.20pm on Monday (16 May) police went to an address in Evelyn Terrace, Brighton, where there were concerns for the welfare of a man living there.

“The man, who was alone in the property, refused to allow officers to approach and threatened to self-harm, and to harm the officers if they did approach.

“The premises were surrounded and five nearby addresses were evacuated, to help ensure that there was no danger to the nearby public. The man then made a threat to cut the gas pipe in the house.

“Police contained the situation in order to achieve a peaceful outcome without anybody being harmed, and were in contact with the man.

“The local authority made arrangements for temporary accommodation for the small number of people evacuated.

“The man finally left the house.”

A council spokesman said: “We did arrange a place where any evacuees could wait, at Leach Court in Park Street, but in the event it wasn’t needed.”

A man aged 33 has been arrested on suspicion of affray. He remains in custody for questioning.

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