Aroe makes his mark at Hove Lagoon

Posted On 16 Jul 2016 at 11:49 pm

One of Britain’s best-known street artists Aroe has helped add a dash of colour to the walls at Hove Lagoon.

He agreed to help paint a mural on the south wall of the Lagoon along with local councillor Robert Nemeth, neighbours and supporters.

Councillor Nemeth, who represents Wish Ward on Brighton and Hove City Council, said that he had pledged before he was elected last year to push for improvements at the Lagoo.

He said that he had been working with the team at the Big Beach Café and liaising with those using the Lagoon as well as local residents.

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After contacting Aroe, he put  together a team of talented graffiti artists to brighten up the wall starting at the skate park end.

Hove Lagoon - Aroe mural 1

Councillor Nemeth said: “This has been decorated with a variety of famous skateboard logos including Powell Peralta’s Bones Brigade skull motif.

“The remaining two thirds of the long wall will be much more sedate and is to include the words ‘Hove Lagoon’ in a more traditional style.

“Although the wall will be one of the largest pieces of public art in the country, not a single penny of public money has been used.

Hove Lagoon - Aroe mural 3

“The work has attracted many positive comments on Facebook where pictures of the ongoing work have been posted by members of the public.”

One local resident Malcolm Simmonds said: “Brilliant – let some artists give free flow to their imagination. Love it. Well done Robert and Dan Stockland. As to the subject matter – you have to let the artists decide, in my book. I look forward to cycling down there and seeing how it’s going.”

Domino Moore said: “Looks amazing. Well done to you all for raising the money and persevering with it. Stoneham Park is also lucky to have a piece of Aroe art and is getting more street art done over the summer.”

Jo Ivens said: “It looks even better today with a bit more colour. My three-year-old loves the skeleton too!”

Danny Stockland, who runs the Big Beach Café, said: “The skate park is looking amazing after 17 years of neglect. The local skaters – old and new – are loving the cool old skool skating  images which complements the skate park and Lagoon in general.

Hove Lagoon - Aroe mural 2

“The Big Beach Café are proud to help and give something back to our wonderful diverse community and are really looking forward to seeing what the council has planned for the play area opposite to complement the project.”

Councillor Nemeth added: “We have approached this matter carefully and have had hundreds of conversations with members of the public to get it right.

“We now have a piece of artwork in Hove by Aroe, one of the country’s top artists. The skaters absolutely love it.

“The project sets a high benchmark for the planting, landscaping and other projects that we have planned for the Lagoon – and we did it with help from generous local residents rather than with public cash.

“The Lagoon will again be recognised as Hove’s premier seafront attraction.”

  1. Nicky Reply

    What an absolute hideous mess, it’s easy to get praise when talking amongst yourselves, more c*ap pushed on Hove it’s seafront and it’s residents.

  2. Dawn Reply

    Absolutely great my 8 year old son is doing this for his homework we went and took lots of photos and asked the skateboard lads who & when it was done they were all very nice & helpful and seamed to be very proud of the graffitied walls we then asked in the café for more info so a big thankyou to AROE and the other artists for making son’s homework easy not forgetting how FANTASTIC it looks.

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