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Posted On 18 May 2017 at 12:00 am

INHEAVEN at Bleach

The Great Escape is thankfully finally here in Brighton and Hove.

For those of you that maybe are not aware of what it is all about, it is a three day music festival held at a majority of venues in the city, that aims to promote brand new up-and-coming music artists as opposed to established acts. Although some acts might have been unknown when they booked to appear at The Great Escape (TGE) such as Rory Charles Graham that’s Rag’N’Bone Man to you and me, but by the time the TGE arrives they could have had a number one album.

It is also possible that certain TGE acts go on afterwards to achieve success in their field, such as previous TGE acts the Scottish trio CHVRCHES and Canadian artist Grimes (whom I saw at Digital on 11th May 2012) oh and errrr some woman called Adele. Yes she DID play TGE – it was at the Concorde 2 ten years ago on 19th May 2007.

The Medical

Grimes at Digital 11.5.12 – I couldn’t stop dancing not even to take a photo!

A small proportion of acts are slow burners and actually get to come back a couple of years in a row, such as Girli and INHEAVEN for last year and this year. Two completely different musical acts but both very exciting.

In fact I was fortunate to see INHEAVEN play live on 24th February 2016 at Bleach Brighton which is located upstairs at The Hare & Hounds at Preston Circus and very good they were too.

Talking of new blood coming through, also on the bill that night was a local 4 piece called Morning Smoke and my review of them at that time read……………

Next up were excellent Brighton band ‘Morning Smoke’. Well what can I say, other than the real surprise of the night. They were absolutely terrific! They ran through half a dozen mesmerising compositions that reminded me of very early Cure songs. They started with ‘How Does It Feel’ a pacey little four minute number that really grabbed everyone’s attention. I do hope that a certain Faris Badwan is made aware of this track! Next up was ‘Shame’, then ‘Never Enough’, followed by ‘Plastic Womb’ and onto the Sex Pistol-esque ‘Soft Decay’. I was waiting for Johnny Rotten to snarl ‘Right Nowwww’, it was that good! The final track was ‘Waste My Time’ and then in a blink of an eye they were gone. Well done Milo, Max, Isaac and Chris, more local gigs please as I already have withdrawal symptoms from your music.

Morning Smoke at The Prince Albert

I was fortunate to see them again supporting Yung at the Prince Albert on 16th June 2016, but sometimes with new up and coming acts, things tend to change and this is the case with Morning Smoke. It appears that they have morphed into a brand new act called Method Actress, as on 16th May a song entitled Point Of View has appeared on Soundcloud and you can find it here: 

Method Actress

So there you go, a brand new band with a brand new song! Right then lads, get gigging!

Keep an eye out for more Method Actress by referring to the link above and for more information of INHEAVEN, visit:

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