Four men jailed for 37 years after Brighton drugs bust

Posted On 24 May 2017 at 10:15 pm

Four men, including a father and son from Brighton, have been jailed for 37 after a drugs bust at Brighton Station.

Robert Compton, 53, of Wicklands Avenue, Saltdean, was sent to prison for 12 years. His son, Lee Compton, 32, of Roundhill Road, Brighton, was given a seven-year sentence.

Robert Compton and Lee Compton

They were rounded up after Lee Compton, who was previously jailed for burglary, was arrested at Brighton Station by officers from the Organised Crime Investigation Team in Brighton on Tuesday 9 June 2015.

He had just got off a train from London and was found carrying a block of heroin in a plastic bag.

Officers from the Metropolitan Police were investigating a wider conspiracy involving Robert Compton, 49-year-old Huseyin Deniz and Devrim Oguzca, 40, who were seen frequently meeting and calling each other.

They were also arrested and brought to court charged with plotting to bring more than 4lb – or 2kg – of heroin worth between £194,000 and £388,000 from London to Brighton.

They all pleaded not guilty but, on the second day of a trial at Hove Crown Court, Deniz pleaded guilty.

The other three were found guilty by a jury and they were all sentenced by Judge Guy Anthony on Friday (19 May).

As well as jailing Robert Compton for 12 years and Lee Compton for seven years, Judge Anthony jailed Deniz, of Turkey Street, Enfield, Middlesex, for 11 years and Oguzca, of Walpole Road, London, for seven years.

Huseyin Deniz and Devrim Oguzca

Detective Constable Mark Pinder, from Sussex Police, said: “This was a well-organised operation by both the Metropolitan and Sussex Police forces.

“It is a great example of two forces working together and a further example of the good work that continues within Brighton to demonstrate that drug dealing will not be tolerated and that those at the higher levels of such operations will be caught and will rightly receive high custodial sentences.”

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