Brighton Komedia hosts Black Uhuru legend Mykal Rose and his band

Mykal Rose

One of Jamaica’s most distinguished singers, as a member of Black Uhuru Mykal Rose was one of the foundation stones of the roots movement, before launching a successful career in the modern dancehalls.

His work with Uhuru helped bring the group a Grammy, while his distinctive vocals launched an entire musical style – the Waterhouse sound. The Kingston neighbourhood of Waterhouse is where Rose was born, on July 11, 1957.

In 1972 he joined up with childhood friend Sly Dunbar. He had a series of solo singles for various producers like Niney the Observer and Lee Perry before being bought to producer Prince Jammy. Jammy then introduced Rose to Ducky Simpson, who was trying to reconstitute his vocal trio Uhuru.

The Medical

With the enlistment of former Jayes frontman Errol Nelson, Black Uhuru was born.
The trio recorded their 1977 debut album Love Crisis for Jammy, which was later remixed and given an international release as Black Sounds of Freedom.

Nelson quit the band soon after and Puma was brought in. Black Uhuru was now complete.

With their subsequent albums overseen by Sly Dunbar and his partner Robbie Shakespeare, and accompanied by the pair’s band. the Revolutionaries, Black Uhuru led the roots movement into the international arena. During this period, they came to the Brighton Top Rank on Sunday 20th June 1982 and I was very fortunate to witness this.

Here’s my Black Uhuru ticket from 1982 – I hated it when the doormen tore the tickets in half!

Across a glittering career of classic singles and masterful albums – Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner, Red, Sensimilla, Chill Out, Tear it Up Live, the trio reached a new pinnacle of success in 1985 when Anthem won the first ever Grammy in the newly instituted Reggae category.

For this tour Mykal will be singing some of Black Uhuru’s classic songs from the 1977 to 1985 era, including hits like ‘Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner’, ‘Spongi Reggae’ ‘Shine Eyed Girl’ and ‘General Penitentiary’ and you can witness this special event at the Komedia in Brighton on Tuesday 17th October 2017 from 7:30pm.

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Mykal Rose

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