Man trampled by cow at Devil’s Dyke

Posted On 25 Sep 2017 at 3:24 pm

A man was airlifted to hospital with head injuries yesterday morning after being tramped by a cow at the Devil’s Dyke.

Cattle at the Devil’s Dyke by Dominic Alves

The road up to the National Trust beauty spot was closed for about an hour from the Dyke Road roundabout after the incident, which happened shortly after 9am.

The patient, an adult male, was treated at the scene for injuries to his head and thorax before being taken by the Kent, Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance to the Royal Sussex Hospital.

A spokesman for South East Coast Ambulance Service said: “We were called shortly after 9am to reports of a person had been trampled by a cow.

“Ambulance crews and the air ambulance service attended the scene and the patient, who had suffered injuries including a head injury, was assessed and treated before being airlifted to the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton.”

Brighton and Hove News understands the accident happened on land in between Devil’s Dyke Farm and Truleigh Hill, which is owned by the National Trust.

  1. mary allan Reply

    this happened 3 yrs ago SAME place to a lady walking alone.

  2. Mrs Bibby Reply

    AGAIN?! Were no lessons learned from the previous trampling three years ago?

  3. Fishwife, 49 Reply

    Was it the same cows?

  4. Gerda Reply

    Did the cows have calfs with them? If so nobody should go into such a field as the mother cows will get very aggressive.

    • Sue Raison Reply

      The mother cows, as opposed to the father cows?

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  6. Dolly Pantry Reply

    That would be a cow that, probably, at some point has been forcibly impregnated (raped), made to bear calves which were then forcibly taken from her so that humans can have the milk meant for them. Her calves would have been killed for meat for humans. She may well be kept indoors in the dark and a confined space for the whole of winter. So trampled on one human? We’re lucky they don’t trample on all of us. Time to stop treating animals like this.

    • David Atkins Reply

      It won’t, it will be a cow protecting its young.

  7. Ticker Reply

    Cows by definition are female. Yes, it would most probably been a mother with calf or mothers with calves.
    They will collectively chase anything they see as a threat, even more so if you have a dog with you.

  8. Scott Reply

    Looked up this story after a scary experience. Having a sit down for a moment on devils dyke to find a literal stampede of 60 odd cows roght at us. Did our best to hide behind a tree whilst kicking cows galloped full speed down hill to our left and right inches away. Cant believe it but curious if any other experiences like this out there? Also cant help but think more dogs should be kept on leads as it cant help !

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