Drivers left scratching their heads after no entry signs installed at BOTH ends of Brighton road

Posted On 06 Oct 2017 at 4:36 pm

One Brighton road is much quieter today after no entry signs were accidentally installed at both ends – as enforcement of new parking zones is postponed after a catalogue of teething troubles.

Lincoln Street is one of a handful of roads in Hanover which is being made one way as part of the new parking zone there.
The signs were meant to go up on Monday, when the zone officially came into force, but a manufacturing delay meant they only started going up yesterday.

Cars can still access half of Lincoln Street via Washington Street and Jackson Street – but not the southern half as no left turn signs have been put at the junction.

The blunder is just the latest in a catalogue of ongoing teething troubles in implementing the new zone in Hanover, as well as Elm Grove, Craven Vale, Preston Village and the Balfour extension to area F – mainly related to gremlins with a new online application system.

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This morning, signs which had been put up on Pankhurst Road and other nearby roads were found vandalised.

And some residents have been posted multiple permits while others have not received any.

A council spokesman said: “We are extending the issuing of warning notices in zones I, S and V until Sunday 15 October.

“Parking tickets (PCNs) will be issued from Monday 16 October.

“We are giving all permit holders an additional two weeks’ grace period after the expiry of your three month or annual permit. This means you won’t be paying any extra for the delays in the scheme enforcement.”

  1. Len Holloway Reply

    Do anyone can make mistakes, including the author; Pankhurst Road? It’s Avenue!!

  2. Peter monson Reply

    What people in there right mind would do that this is why Sussex council are skint by giving jobs to idiots 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Simon Reply

      It’s Brighton & Hove City Council, nothing to do with either East Sussex or West Sussex County Councils!

  3. Benny Reply

    Could be forgiven for thinking the council dept responsible for our roads are totally incompetent

  4. Username42 Reply

    The ‘Except Cycles’ sign is superfluous, surely?

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