Sticky Mike’s host popular Japanese pop band The Fin.

Posted On 08 Oct 2017 at 2:53 am
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The Fin. at Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar 7.10.17

The Fin. (yes, they do have a full stop as part of their name!) are a really decent Japanese pop band who formed in Kobe in 2010 and consists of members Yuto Uchino (vocals and synth), Ryosuke Odagaki (guitar) and Kaoru Nakazawa (who was formally the drummer but now I believe sits on bass).

When I was talking to the guys prior to their Sticky Mike’s opening set, they told me that they are now currently based in the UK and so have added a drummer into their fold for live work.

I have been fortunate to have seen the band twice before as part of The Great Escape for two years in a row and tonight’s gig was the best one so far. Yuto’s distinctive high pitched (a la Bee Gees) singing style is rather endearing and I really believe that this band deserve more exposure than they currently get. They could very easily be sitting within the current singles chart, if only more of the general public knew that they existed.

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The Fin.

If you were to hear The Fin. on Radio 1, you wouldn’t have a clue that they hail from Japan, as their musical style is very westernised, but at the same time, they don’t actually sound like anyone else. This is a really positive thing for the band.

The guys are trying hard to spread the message up and down the country on their current tour, which is to highlight the current funky toe-tapping 4 track release entitled ‘Pale Blue/Afterglow’.

I am pleased to report that tonight (Saturday 7th October) their 45 minute set was flowing much quicker than when I saw them a few months back. Tonight, the pleasant catchy tunes kept coming one after another. If you can only spare 4 minutes of your free time, then head to The Fin. Bandcamp page, then you really need to listen to a song called ‘Night Time’. It is adorably catchy. Once you’re hooked on that track, then look out for ‘Circle On The Snows’ and take it from there.

I can’t wait for the boys to come back to Brighton again, so that I can have a really decent evening out with my mates listening to inoffensive indie pop of the highest quality to jig along to.

For more on the band, click here: and to hear their music, click here:

Yuto Uchino from The Fin. at Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar 7.10.17

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