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Posted On 23 Oct 2017 at 12:36 pm
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The Darkness (pic by Simon Emmett)

The Darkness, who originally formed in 2000, are a rock’n’roll band in the tradition of glam rock acts Slade, Kiss and Queen.

They have risen through determination and tenacity to reach an ever more appreciative audience of ‘Darklings’. Their fans adore the catsuit-splitting Rock-God performances and embrace the tongue-in-cheek sentiment of the music and now with their most recent band member, Rufus Taylor (a drummer just like his dad Queen’s Roger Taylor), the Hawkins brothers, (guitarist) Dan and (frontman singer and guitarist) Justin and (bassist) Frankie Poullain are coming to the Brighton Dome on Monday 11th December as part of their latest 17 date UK tour.

Pinewood Smile – the new album from The Darkness

Run for Great Ormond Street Hospital

This month (October) saw the released of the guys fifth album, ‘Pinewood Smile’. This ten track platter (with 14 songs on the deluxe version) continues their tradition of rock music with ironic lyrics concerning mundane events in 21st century life. It obviously has hit a note with the Great British public as it was a Top 10 smash, peeking as high as number eight.

Having toured in the USA with no less than mega-rock legends Guns’n’Roses, they are back and uncorrupted by their success; this album is full of the anarchic humour fans know and love.

Frankie Poullain – The Darkness (pic by Simon Emmett)

I asked The Darkness bassist and author of ‘Dancing In The Darkness’ Francis Gilles Poullain-Patterson aka Frankie, what had inspired the music. ‘It is simply spending time together with no distractions that forces the band to make music’, he says. ‘This time a variety of short stays in different places including Alicante, Cornwall, the Scottish Highlands and a train journey to the London studio was enough. The track ‘Southern Trains’ will strike a chord with any commuter who has travelled on the beleaguered railway in the last year or two. The commute becomes a’ journey into pure despair’ and describes the extreme discomfort of a crowded and delayed trip from Gatwick to London on the way to a recording session’.

Frankie explained that they like to be spontaneous when composing, so they take inspiration from whatever is happening for them at the time. ‘Self-consciousness is the enemy of creativity’ he says so keeping their recording time real is the key to their innovative and unique style.

The Darkness (pic by Simon Emmett)

The sentiments of the tunes are certainly real, and topics we have probably all experienced at some time are covered in the witty satire of the lyrics. Beneath all the glitz, outrageous costumes and superb showmanship lies a deep pool of creative talent. ‘Some artists take themselves too seriously (especially the mediocre ones), because that is what they think they have to do. But art isn’t about being serious. A sense of humour is a sign of creativity. The modern philosophers are comedians like Stewart Lee and Frankie’s anarchic step-brother Phil Kay. They, like The Darkness offer a social commentary and it is up to the ‘pampered, lily-livered’ people of Brighton to listen and hear for themselves’.

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The Darkness (pic by Simon Emmett)

For details on the ‘Pinewood Smile’ album, which was produced by Grammy Award-winning producer Adrian Bushby of Foo Fighters and Muse fame, click here:

There is also a plan afoot regarding The Darkness documentary coming out in 2018 and details of this can be found here:

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