Firefighters ask for scrap cars to practice on

Posted On 20 Mar 2018 at 11:18 am

West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service is urgently seeking scrap cars to help firefighters hone their skills.

It is crucial that firefighters have all the skills and knowledge they need to deal with road traffic collisions, and the standard needs to be maintained once competent.

A number of crews across the county, including our new recruits, are in need of extra vehicles to practice their training and development and as a service; we rely heavily on generous donations from the public, offering their cars to crews for training purposes.

Richard Davy, Group Manager, said: “The prices of scrap metal are known to fluctuate, and with the recent increase in prices, we have subsequently seen a significant decrease in the amount of car donations received.

“Mark Maynard, our local scrap merchant from Autocovery has been donating scrap cars to our crews to use for 23 years. However, the change in prices has seen stocks run extremely low and as a consequence, fewer cars have been available to us.

“Unfortunately, attending road traffic collisions is a huge part of a firefighter’s role, and therefore I cannot express the importance of having practical training to maintain those life-saving skills.”

If you would like to donate your car, please email or call 01243 752448 and Autocovery will come and collect the car for free.

West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service is at the heart of West Sussex County Council’s Communities and Public Protection Directorate, working to support communities to become safer, stronger and more resilient through a combination of prevention, protection and response activities.

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