Picture of litter by Beverley Goodwin on FlickrDo you care about your neighbourhood? Are you itching to help get your streets, parks and squares looking their best? Then Brighton & Hove City Council is launching a community clear-up programme that will visit every ward over the next 12 months.

Over the next year, the council’s refuse, recycling and street cleaning service Cityclean will be putting its expertise and muscle behind a series of major one-day community clear-ups. And the council would like to encourage residents and businesses in the area to join in.

The first clear up will start at the Waterloo Street Community Garden at 11am on Saturday, November 28 and we want to hear from you where in the Brunswick and Adelaide neighbourhood you think needs tidying up the most.

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Where in Brunswick and Adelaide needs a tidy up?

Neighbourhood by neighbourhood, Cityclean staff will be on hand to help residents target whichever areas they feel need the most care and attention.

This could be a notorious fly-tipping magnet, a grassy area covered in dog poo, playgrounds plagued by litterbugs or vandalism hotspots.

Cityclean streetcleaners will take the lead, and also put their personal protective equipment and litter picking tools at volunteers’ disposal.

Every one of the city’s 21 wards, from Portslade to Rottingdean, will be visited by the Cityclean team – but we need your help in telling us where we should focus our efforts, and also to lend a hand on the day.

Together, we can make a real difference to our neighbourhoods.

To get involved, contact cityclean@brighton-hove.gov.uk or call 01273 292929.

Details of where and when each clear-up will take place will be added to this page.