Drivers, cyclists, passengers and pedestrians urged to have their say about Brighton and Hove transport problems

Posted On 29 Oct 2010 at 1:31 pm

People with something to say about the buses in Brighton and Hove or their train commute to work are being asked to share their views.

What about congestion on our roads? And do we need more and cheaper parking spaces and fewer street signs cluttering up journeys?

What can be done to reduce traffic pollution? And how can we get even more people on their bikes?

Transport is a hot topic and now politicians and officials want to hear your view and your ideas.

Brighton and Hove City Council is putting together a new local transport plan (LTP) setting out how it proposes to maintain and improve the city’s transport network.

It will outline the council’s priorities for transport up to 2026 and how it intends to achieve those priorities.

The council is required by law to come up with a plan and it must be completed by next April.

It will include a long-term transport strategy for the next 15 years and a short-term list of specific schemes for the next three years.

Brighton and Hove’s plan will support the five national transport goals, which are:

  • supporting economic growth
  • tackling climate change
  • promoting equality of opportunity
  • contributing to better safety, security and health
  • improving quality of life

The council said that at a local level the plan would make sure that the city can adequately cope with changes in the future.

These would include the new housing and job opportunities that are outlined in the city’s development plan, known as the Local Development Framework Core Strategy.

Council officials have already gathered evidence from previous studies and consultations.

Work has also already been done with partners, such as action groups, community and voluntary groups, businesses and transport operators.

Now the public consultation will take place, starting on Monday 1 November and ending in mid-December.

People who live and work in Brighton and Hove are being encouraged to say what they think is important for their local area and the city as a whole.

There is a questionnaire on the council’s website at Paper copies are available by calling 01273 294390.

The council said that all comments received would be carefully considered and treated confidentially.

Councillor Geoffrey Theobald, the council’s cabinet member for environment, said: “Developing a new transport plan for the city is a challenging but exciting prospect.

“We need to ensure that the transport system is right for everybody to carry out their daily lives – getting to work, getting to school or exploring the city and its downland surroundings.”

  1. Sid Reply

    I have a sensible suggestion for ignorant law breaking cyclists. I also have a sensible suggestion for law abiding cyclists. Why can it not be possible to make it law that all cyclists wear hi viz yellows and every one of them have front and rear lights fitted. A far better suggestion than the previous two is to BAN cyclists in the city forever, as most of them stick two fingers up to the law, they speed (Even in cycle lanes), they jump red lights , ride on pavements where there are no cycle lanes, they do not pay tax.They are without doubt PESTS to city and town society and the real paid up road user.

  2. Anonymous Reply

    so have you all had your say ? who took any notice ..

  3. Sid Reply

    Anonymous… Says it all !…… I would suggest that most of the law abiding citizens would have took notice. Cyclists are NOT a law unto their own. So if they fall fail of the highway code they should get fined as well as ordinary road users. Law breaking cyclists, I reiterate are PESTS. How about some of these female PSCO’s that walk around town with their shopping bags.. get them to report the cycling delinquents with the promise of a heavy fine as they are potentially dangerous people riding on pavements, jumping red lights, overtaking on the inside.

  4. Mr Smith Reply

    i would like the police to do a big ” high profile effort ” campaign this year on that route Sid and Anonymous might both be keen cyclists in brighton but the amount if cyclists that go throu red lights and cycle on the pavements is increasing with NO no visible presence of anyone to pursue them yerr yerr CCTV might be overlooking almost every street in town but today i witnessed a cyclist riding his bike along London road with a big “pets” cage in his hand i was amazed as he maneuvered along to St Pauls and then i lost sight of him . Police much have some reason not to pursue such “small ” crimes .. but Sid i must say i chat regularly to the PCSO’s i think they have a tough challenge 1. they are on foot 2. they are just PCSO’s 3. it takes so long for a back up Police presence .. whats in the shopping bags ??? maybe it a copy of the rule book PCSO’s must abide by .

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