Brighton to double the number of electric car charging points – to eight

Posted On 27 Dec 2010 at 2:56 pm

Four more charging points for electric cars are to be installed in Brighton.

This will double the number of recharging points even though there are currently just 13 drivers using the scheme.

The new charging points will be in Madeira Drive, opposite The Terraces, and in Withdean Road, outside Withdean Stadium.

The existing points are in Bartholomews, close to Brighton Town Hall, and Ditchling Road, opposite The Level.

The Spearhead

Geoffrey Theobald, the Brighton and Hove City Council cabinet member for environment, said that when take-up improves, drivers may have to pay to recharge their cars.

At the moment, drivers can recharge their cars for free.

The cost of installing the charging points will be funded by the European Union and money contributed by planning applicants.

Hove is excluded from EU funding for this scheme.

  1. A Thorpe Reply

    When are councillors and MPs going to stop using the word “free”. They do not have any money of their own. It is our money and hence recharging is not free.

  2. Lorenza Reply

    I would love to get a electric car, however know one knows yet how long the batteries and engines will last and replacing them costs more then buying the actual car. It works out at the moment a lot more of an exspensive option.

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