Brighton and Hove offers shoppers a better mix, say researchers

Posted On 04 Jun 2013 at 1:11 pm

Retail experts believe that Brighton and Hove offers the best mix of shops in England outside central London.

The Local Data Company published tables research this morning (Tuesday 4 June) ranking Brighton and Hove as the fourth best shopping centre in Britain.

The research, undertaken with the Oxford Institute of Retail Management, ranked Central London first, Glasgow second and Edinburgh third.

The Oxford Institute ranked Brighton and Hove ninth in 1989 and twelfth in 1984.

The same research also ranked Brighton and Hove third for retail diversity because of its good mix of independent stores.

Only ten districts in Britain are regarded as having a more dominant proportion of independent shops.

Over the same period places such as Croydon have declined, adding to the attractiveness of Brighton and Hove as a shopping destination.

The research highlighted challenges to the high street while flagging up causes for optimism as shopping centres evolve despite tough trading conditions.

It also pointed to a changing mix, with 99p stores competing with pound shops and bigger chains.

There are more charity shops and stores selling secondhand goods, more pawnbrokers and money lenders and more betting shops.

Vacancy rates in Brighton and Hove remain below the national average.


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