Former BBC royal correspondent shortlisted by Brighton Pavilion Conservatives

Posted On 24 Jul 2013 at 9:10 pm

The former BBC reporter who acts as spokesman for the family of missing Madeleine McCann has been shortlisted by Brighton Pavilion Conservatives.

Clarence Mitchell has represented Kate and Gerry McCann for almost six years after their daughter disappeared during a holiday in Portugal.

His previous jobs include heading the government’s Media Monitoring Unit and a 20-year career with the BBC.

He worked as a royal correspondent, political reporter and presenter during his time at the corporation, having trained as a reporter at the Westminster Press Training Centre in Hastings.

Since September 2011, Mr Mitchell, who was born in 1962, has been a managing director at public affairs firm Burson-Marsteller UK.

Clarence Mitchell

Clarence Mitchell

He is one of three candidates to have been shortlisted for the parliamentary seat. The winner will challenge Green MP Caroline Lucas for a place in the House of Commons at the next general election which is due to be held in May 2015.

One of Mr Mitchell’s rivals is Michelle Lowe, a marketing communications specialist and the deputy leader of Sevenoaks District Council.

The other is solicitor Jean-Paul Floru, who serves as a member of Westminster City Council. He is the author of What the Immigrant Saw, a book looking at Britain through the eyes of an immigrant from Belgium.

The Brighton Pavilion hustings are being held tomorrow (Thursday 25 July) and will be chaired by Councillor Ann Norman, who represents Withdean ward on Brighton and Hove City Council.

She said: “I’m delighted that our members have three excellent candidates to choose from.”


  1. Natasha Newland Reply

    If this man is selected there is no way on earth that I would vote Tory again. I would have to check if he told me it was night or day

  2. Russell Jones Reply

    Oh please, not another PR consultant. We already have a former PR consultant, David Cameron, serving as Prime Minister and look where that’s got us. Why would we choose another candidate who’s been professionally trained in the art of deceit? Haven’t we all had enough of that?

  3. Mike Reply

    Could you ask Mr Mitchell how much money he has personally received from ‘Madeleines Fund’ the fund set up to only be used exclusively for searching for Madeleine.
    Not to line his pockets with.
    I know he has had at least £30,000 but i would like to know exactly how much, in total, he has taken out of the fund personally.
    Donations to Madeleines ‘fund’ given by handicapped kiddies should have been used for the ‘search’ for Madeleine and not going into Mr Mitchells pocket!
    How much has he received from the ‘fund’?

  4. Mike Reply

    On September 20th, 2007, Clarence Mitchell was interviewed on Radio Live in New Zealand. Hear the interview at this link: – See more at:
    Near the end of the interview Clarence says this: I’d stress as well that the money that people have donated from around the world is only being spent on that campaign and Kate and Gerry’s legal costs and media management in the shape of me that’s all coming from the financial benefactors who are contributing quite separately so that anybody who has given money to help find Madeleine need have no fear that their money is being spent on lawyers fees or anything like that. –
    This statement is quite clear. “No money will be spent on lawyer’s fees or anything like that.”After reviewing the money spent on lawyers in the Madeleine Fund accounts, it is quite obvious that Mitchell’s statement is a bare faced lie. –
    Do the people of Brighton really WANT this Mr Mitchell as a prospective candidate?

  5. Dr Shira Silverman Reply

    “I was the Director of the Government’s Media Monitoring Unit. Their work and their function is to control what gets printed in the press.” You REALLY want this as your MP?

  6. Perdo Silver Reply

    Well given his 6 year spinathon for the” Nu Labour mates of Gordon Bro Broon ” Mccanns and their abduction fairytail, I would suggest you have a really hard think about letting this viper near your neck

  7. E Upshott-Bagley Reply

    Oh dear, oh very dear.
    Not a good move by the Cons I fear.

  8. Brian Rooster Reply

    The Tories just lost my vote. This guy is more tricky than a bag of monkeys and specialises in tragedy journalism. Check him out on Wikipedia before you vote.

  9. Nicholas C Reply

    Does this mean that the McCann case will now be put on the back-burner, or will he “keep it in the family” by hiring one of he good doctors as his PA and spokesperson? Or will his manifesto include wanting to move his chums into Number 10?

  10. cherry Reply

    This was the man who advised the public to put money into an envelope and send to K & G! Where on earth is the accountability in that!

    This was the man who when interviewed on Talk Sport by James Whale, failed to correct James who was referring to the Fund as a charity which it is not. Mr. Mitchell should have corrected James on this account but failed to do so, thereby leaving members of the public who were listening thinking it was a charity. As their spokesman Mr. Mitchell should have corrected this immediately.

  11. Mike Reply

    Mitchell was working with Andy Coulson right up to when Coulson was disgraced and who has since been charged with perverting the course of justice and is also charged with perjury in Scotland.Mitchell right by his side.
    Mitchell declared himself spokesman for Fiona MacKeown who has since been charged and convicted of benefit fraud.
    She stole over £51,000!
    But Mitchell was right there speaking up for her.
    Clarance Mitchell is friends with benefit cheats and
    Metodo3 in Spain and convicted fraudster Kevin Halligen in UK.
    Do you really want this man to represent you?
    I didn’t think so!

  12. Call Me Tony Reply

    Is this the same man as the former Labour Government ‘Media Manager’ who in 2007 was sent to Portugal to help the McCanns, and advised them to be careful what they said on their mobile phones as he had heard possibly journalists listened in….how come a former BBC man and Government Spin Doctor was not called before Leveson to explain that? Too much dirty laundry….as a Tory I say avoid this man!! All public comments will have to be cleared by Carter Ruck making any meaningful debate detrimental to the Party.

  13. Beeb Fader Reply

    In terms of character, morals, and ethics Clarence Mitchell is perfect for the Tory party.
    Gerry McCann for PM !

  14. J Potter Reply

    In his evidence to the Leveson Inquiry, Padraic Flanagan, a Daily Express reporter, wrote:

    “…the convention was that, although unidentified specifical!y in the article, Mr Mitchell would at times, and on his request, be referred to as a ’friend close to the McCanns’ or ’a family spokesman’ when our quotes were attributed. ”

    It was under that pseudonym that, in November 2007, Mr Mitchell placed with the UK press false stories generated by the McCanns’ private detectives, Metodo3, the sole objective of which were to implicate Robert Murat and his then girlfriend in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

    This was shameless and libelous behaviour by Mr Mitchell, who was aided and abetted by a pathetic press.

    But I guess that makes him perfect material as a potential Tory candidate.

  15. Paul C. Reply

    Why do the obsessive. anti McCann conspiracy lunatics always descend on anything even vaguely related to the subject to spit their bile? On every occasion it has been demonstrated that they are organising these trolling activities behind the scenes to make it look as if there are large numbers of them. There are not. They are the same people using many different names.

    Last night these people trolled the Justgiving page of Gerry McCann, even going as far as making token donations in order to post their tired and outdated claims about this couple and their associates.

    The truth is that Clarence Mitchell represented the McCann Couple at a traumatic time in their lives and did so in an extremely professional manner. He has since then stood by the couple in their search for missing Madeleine.

    And as for the disgraceful abuse and trolling from the Anti-McCanns, the reality is that they believe no-one tells the truth unless it is Goncalo Amaral the lead Portuguese investigator who was dismissed from the case after six months for his incompetent behaviour and who was later convicted of covering up torture in another missing child case in Portugal.

    These anti McCann obsessives don’t listen to people like DCI Redwood who was categorical in his statement that the McCanns and their friends are not suspects or persons of interest. These rather dim lunatics believe their online amateur research means they know better than Scotland Yard Detectives and better than the Attorney General of Portugal who was explicit in stating that there is no evidence of any crime committed by the McCanns.

    By once again trolling this page as they do every single page where any associate of the McCanns is mentioned they are demonstrating their obsession. I really do pity their families.

  16. Weiss Reply

    New low for Tory party, just when you think they can’t go any lower. Ludicrous.

  17. Carla Reply

    Director of the Government’s Media Monitoring Unit, eh? That sounds like a healthy set-up in a supposed democracy. Next it will be ‘Director of Overseas Gulag Operations’.

  18. Brian Rooster Reply

    Mitchell has done the damage to any political career by virtue to his past actions, Mccanns or not, I don’t think he has the confidence of voting public. People are wary.

  19. Mrs C Himp Reply

    One mention of Clarence Mitchell and all the raving loonies who constantly harass and stalk the family of Madeleine McCann come tumbling out of their closets and coffins to make buffoons of themselves. It used to be amusing but now it’s just tedious and slightly embarassing.
    Yesterday they were bombarding a charity with their guff because Gerry McCann is doing a triathlon to raise money for it (Missing People in case you would like to donate). The availability of open comments pages like this is advertised on a series of bizarre and completely libellous Facebook pages. Sick puppies.

  20. Jenni Reply

    I cannot believe the Tories could stoop so low as too hire the man that has consistently spun details of the fate of a 3 year old girl. Its disgraceful. The tories will never get my vote. How can this man be trusted with anything when he is capable of turning ‘shelved due to lack of co-operation from the parents of said girl’ into ‘cleared of all charges’. A new low for the tories I feel.
    Not in my back yard.
    A very concerned Brighton resident.

  21. Natasha Newland Reply

    Perhaps Mr Redwood could give an explanation for the finds of two highly professional British Police Dogs, their alerts have never been explained. No matter what anyone thinks of the parents in this case, that is something that I for one would dearly love to know. But that does not alter the fact that many believe Mr Mitchell is not trustworthy and as such should not become an MP.

  22. Perdo Silver Reply

    Paul C dismissal on Mitchels spin on behalf of the Mccanns shows his true motivation,to spin on behalf of the Mccanns

    There are over 2300 Facebook users who do not support the Mccanns lies and spin manly due to the simple truth that their “abduction “claim has no basis in fact.

    Because they do not believe the Mccanns they are labeled Trolls ,typical of the propaganda techniques of the National Socialist party in Germany before WW2

    If people believe ,quite rightly that the Mccanns are guilty of child neglect and they are lying why should adults be silenced by a tribe of people profiting on their daughters misfortune and their culpability and covered up by a media monitoring unit guru ,no doubt putting their tuppance worth in here too as they have so successfully done for the last 6 years .

    Sadly for them when Dr Amaral wins his libel case ,the one the mccanns were so desperate to make “go away” the flood gates will be open and the truth will come out ,the truth of the lie

  23. Helen Williamson Reply


  24. Michael McL Reply

    And for people who still believe everything Mitchell said during the 6 years of the Mccanns saga, try looking at the free e-book / pdf at

  25. Sandra Webb Reply

    Another Conservative voter who won’t be voting Conservative this time. I’d recommend all readers to Google ‘Clarence Mitchell’ and see for themselves what this man really stands for. He was once Blair’s mouthpiece, then Cameron employed him as HIS mouthpiece in the last General Election campaign. His job appears to be to spin and manipulate, not tell the truth bit rather to keep the truth from us. I would rather hold my nose and vote Green, UKIP, Liberal or Labour rather than put this man into office. Why was a very good local man not chosen? – Conservative HQ, take note!

  26. Perdo Silver Reply

    Well said Sandra,I dont know what the good people of B and H call it when someone sell their services to the highest bidder without morals but I know what I call it

  27. Mike Reply

    Mitchell stood up proudly and spoke in favour of Fiona MacKeowm who is now a CONVICTED BENEFITS CHEAT FRAUDSTER!
    Mitchell was her spokesman right up to the day of the trial!
    She STOLE over £51,000!
    And he was right there by her side!

    Still want this fraudsters ‘friend’ to be you MP?

  28. Sandra Webb Reply

    I think what is the most revealing thing about Clarence Mitchell is that the moment he stopped working for the McCannns full-time, he was immediately employed by Rupert Murdoch’s son-in-law, Matthew Freud, at Freud Communications, as one of their top PR advisers. If anything will be the downfall of Cameron, it will be his connections with the powerful Murdoch empire. Murdoch’s CEO, Rebekah Brooks, and him exchanged e-mails with each other which even Leveson withheld from publication. And we haven’t heard the last of Jeremy Hunt being wheeled in by Cameron to smooth Murdoch’s bid for full control of BSkyB. Against advice, Cameron appointed former NOTW Editor (another Murdoch man) Andy Coulson to the post of Director of Communications for the Conservative Party, then the two of them appointed Cameron to be Coulson’s No. 2. If Cameron knows what’s good for him, he should cut his ties with the Murdoch empire. Appointing Mitchell as a Conservative PPC isn’t the way to go about it. The cosy Cameron-Murdoch connection is harming him

  29. Dr Shira Silverman Reply

    Clarence Mitchell is the man who conspired with Carter Ruck to shut down a perfectly legitimate, online Forum, run by the Daily Mirror. Free speech will never be safe in the hands of people like this.

  30. cherry Reply

    Please explain why posts keep disappearing, this is the third time I have had to put comment on, I have not written anything insulting or abusive or anything which is incorrect, what I have written is factual information.

    This was the man who told the public to put money into an envelope and send to K and G, where is the accountability in that!
    This was the man who when interviewed on Talk Sport by James Whale failed to correct James when he kept referring to the Fund as a charity. As spokesperson Mr. Mitchell had a duty to correct James who was giving misleading information to the public. Mr. Mitchell however did not correct James and therefore the public were misled into thinking it was a charity.

  31. Sandra Webb Reply

    By the way, I would like to thank ‘Brighton and Hove News’ for allowing all these comments, despite many of them being critical of Clarence Mitchell. It must be remembered that for over 6 years, Mitchell has been the spokesman for the McCanns, who headed up the ‘Hacked Off’ campaign which tried to suppress press freedom (and is still doing so). To his credit, David Cameron has stood up to the ‘Hacked Off’ campaign and to Lord Leveson, whose one-sided report called in effect for state control of the press. Little is achieved by suppressing debate. Let the facts be produced and then let people make up their minds on the facts. I don’t mind in the least if these comments are added to by those (and there must be some) who can write about Clarence Mitchell’s virtues, whatever they may be. It’s just that Mitchell’s track record suggests he is in the business of suppressing free debate, not promoting it

  32. Michael McL Reply

    cherry – There are two thread going at the moment. This one and the one at
    Confusing, but as Gerry McCann said, confusion is good.

  33. James Krang Reply

    As a former Brighton resident, I am ecstatic that I shall remain a former resident in 2015 as I would have become a former resident rather than be represented in parliament by Clarence Mitchell!

    It is quite simply obscene to imagine a man representing Brighton & Hove, who not too long ago was on television urging pensioners, school children and caring citizens to stuff money in envelopes addressed to Kate and Gerry McCann for the LIMITED company (not charity) assuring “it will get there”.

    Never before, and I am no spring chicken, have I witnessed such behaviour, and not just from him, but odd behaviour and protocol throughout this sad, sorry and ultimately tragic six years.

    Go away pink one. And a very big thank you to Brighton & Hove Argus….at last a newspaper will balls who allows comments that actually let people speak their mind without the usual censorship!

  34. mel Reply

    No way, I don’t believe a word that comes out of this man’s mouth. How could anyone accept money from the fund to find vanished Madeleine? That money isn’t to pay for him to spin or be a spokesman, answer questions before they’re asked (who recalls the “whatever the police find there is a wholly innocent explanation” or words to that effect), or even lawsuits to sue those who don’t believe the abduction scenario and speak out about it. I know quite a few people who have requested their donations back ever since they found out some of the parents’ mortgage had been paid from it, no doubt he’ll have a wholly innocent explanation as to why they’ve all been ignored? This man is NOT to be relied upon – if you need a poor man’s Max Clifford PR agent to spin things, there’s good reason. We really don’t need someone like him in government.

  35. Carla Reply

    No matter how much spinmeisters may spin, Truth remains an absolute.Truth cannot die because it is enmeshed in reality.

    The job of the spinmeister is to distort reality in order to distract the eye from that which they do not wish you to perceive. Unfortunately, the eye is always drawn back to the undistorted bits of reality that got forgotten in the rush. These now stand out in relief and call for their true context to return and make sense of them.

    This is when the power of the spinmeister withers and dies.

  36. Helen Williamson Reply

    I remember Clarence Mitchell remarking to the effect that all British leave their children in an attempt to excuse McCann’s for their claim they had left 3 children under 4 alone on a foreign holiday.

    This man appears to have little regard for honesty. I have NEVER left my children alone and at 66 I have not known anyone else do such a thing.

    Too many children in this country found to have been abused. Leaving children of such tender age can never be right and should not be excused or spoken of as though it’s acceptable!

    Conservative have lost my vote and I imagine, many others.

  37. Elena Mitchell Reply

    I am utterly shocked by the bile, some bordering on Libel.

    Clarence Mitchell will make an excellent MP having worked for many years in the real world. His personal integrity is unquestionable. He is kind and understanding. And I hope he wins your seat for you all.

  38. Helen Williamson Reply

    Elena Mitchell

    I have libeled no one.

    That someone can claim that British parents leave their children on their own is far more damaging and potentially libelous! It is untrue.

    I am sure any untrue comments, if any, would have been removed.

    Children need utmost care at tender age. I find it appalling that someone can remark in the way Clarence Mitchell did as though it is the normal thing to leave such young children on their own night after night. Then it was referred to, by the father, that he had been aasured it was within the bounds of responsible parenting.

    British people are not known for leaving their children on their own. Nor does it represent responsible parenting.

  39. Elena Mitchell Reply

    In your opinion, Helen Williamson. The Laws of two countries do not agree with you.

    So obviously Clarence Mitchell knows more about The Law than you do.
    This can only be good for the constituents of Brighton and Hove.

  40. Helen Williamson Reply

    Well, well, well Elena Mitchell. I did not realise there was a LAW that would render parents excusable to leave young children on their own.
    Cases of parents that do are normally referred to Social Services and can face losing their children and more.

    I read that it is an offence to abandon or neglect a child under the age of 16. Prosecution would depend largely on circumstances.
    The fact a child is missing shows children are not safe to leave so to make a comment to the effect that all British people leave their children and it falls within the bounds of responsible parenting is appalling and wrong!

    Please refer me to anything that states that, first of all, British people leave their children and that this is acceptable in any circumstance. Thank you.

  41. Elena Mitchell Reply

    Helen Williamson, I refer you to the fact that The McCanns have not been prosecuted for Neglect by either Portugal or Britain.

    I personally have done exactly what The McCanns did, and so have a fair few other people that I know.

    But this is a comment section on the suitability of Clarence Mitchell as a Parliamentary Candidate. Only the constituents of Brighton and Hove can decide on that.

  42. Helen Williamson Reply

    Strange they have not been prosecuted. Since then several people have been and that in spite of their child not coming to harm.

    I find it disgraceful that you admit to leaving your children, also, others you know doing same.
    You must move in a very different circle of people to myself. If one of my friends had ever left a child I would insist on caring for that child whilst they were absent or warn them not to leave them.

    I can see now why you would defend Clarence Mitchell regarding his remark as you find it acceptable.

    I would hope that the vast majority of parents would not agree with his remark and would wish to vote for someone who would put the welfare of children uppermost. Especially in view of the hidden abuse children have suffered over the years and is only of late, being revealed.

    Please provide the reason for the statement in your first post regarding anything that states it is acceptable to leave children of a tender age.

    Thank you.

  43. Elena Mitchell Reply

    Your opinion is of no importance to me. And thank God for the fact that I move in different circles.
    Never would I leave any child of mine in the care of such a bigot as you obviously are.

    What statement did I make in my first post? Other than to state that I find the bile to be utterly disgusting, and that Clarence Mitchell will make an excellent MP. I stand by both of those statements.
    Brighton and Hove will decide.

    In the meantime, do keep up your semi literate abuse. It will only serve to prove that Clarence Mitchell is a good and honest man.

  44. Helen Williamson Reply

    The abuse is from you as can be read.

    I will always put welfare of children first. If that is being a bigot so be it.

    …..”The Laws of two countries do not agree with you.”

    There is no Law such as you claim.

    I rest my case.

  45. Elena Mitchell Reply

    You are so obviously wrong about The Law, Helen Wiliamson. Neither The McCanns or Clarence Mitchell have ever been arrested for anything at all. But a number of the people spewing bile about The McCanns and Clarence Mitchell have been arrested, and in some cases given suspended jail sentences. Do you not see how wrong you are?

  46. Pedro Silver Reply


  47. Geoff harvey Reply

    Elena mitchell
    And so have two lots of private investigators
    Defended and congratulated by clarence

  48. Helen Williamson Reply

    I’m wrong about the Law am I?
    Please quote the Law you refer to that appears to exonerate parents leaving young children alone. You have referred to it again yet you don’t produce this information.

    The fact that McCann’s haven’t been charged for leaving 3 children under 4yrs is unusual to say the least.

    I wasn’t aware Clarence Mitchell had left children alone, therefore why should he be used as an example by yourself alongside McCann’s?

    You appear to advocate leaving children alone. That is very wrong. The vast majority of responsible parents,ie the British Public, would agree and be insulted by the insinuations by Clarence Mitchell that most do this.

  49. Steve Reply

    Just to interject into this fascinating exchange…
    Remember we only have the McCann’s and their friends word for it that the children were actually left alone. Just as likely an explanation is that they needed to admit to neglect in order for an “abduction” to take place. No neglect = no abduction. More discussion on the many discrepancies in the case can be found at the Madeleine McCann Controversy Facebook page

  50. Mike Reply

    Elena Mitchell

    As you know Mr Michell as you state, could you please confirm that he acted as a spokesman for Fiona MacKeown, knowing she was to be chagred with benefit fraud, and who now has a criminal record for defrauding benefits to the tune of over £51,000.
    Is Mr Mitchell, your friend, still acting as a spokesman for this CONVICTED fraudster?

  51. Mike Reply

    Elena Mitchell

    As you have stated that you and i quote you,verbatim.

    “I personally have done exactly what The McCanns did, and so have a fair few other people that I know”

    You wiil not mind me reporting you, and the fair few other people that you know, to Social Services will you?

    If it saves any of your children from being ‘abducted’ I will have done you a good service, wouldn’t you agree.?

    I have the s/shot of your post so there can be no doubt that you did indeed say it.

  52. Elena Mitchell Reply

    @Mike. Please do feel free to report me for the fact that I left my children alone under similar circumstances to The McCanns.
    Screen shot that, and see how much good it does you. I do not expect to be arrested any time soon, or my children to be taken away from me.

    In the meantime, do carry on libelling Clarence Mitchell. That won’t do any of you any good either. His only “Crime” appears to be trying to help people. Isn’t that what MPs are supposed to do?

  53. Perdo Silver Reply

    Elena Mitchell( no relation )said

    libelling Clarence Mitchell.

    Its only libel if it aint true

  54. Michael McL Reply

    Elena M. Savile wasn’t arrested for anything at all, nor was Cyril Smith. What are your thoughts on the evidence against them ?

  55. Mike Reply

    Elena Mitchell

    I will.

    YOUR ‘quote’
    His only “Crime” appears to be trying to help people. Isn’t that what MPs are supposed to do?”

    That’s what REAL MP’s are supposed to do!

    But Mitchell isn’t an MP is he?

    Surely you’re not dumb enough to think that Mitchell IS an MP now?

    Also could you please answer if Mr Mitchell is sill
    spokesman for the CONVICTED benefits cheat FRAUDSTER, Fiona MacKeown?

  56. Elena Mitchell Reply

    @Perdo Silver. All of The Mitchells are related in some distant fashion.

    @ Michael McLean. Are you Pretendy Pete?
    Jimmy Savile and Cyril Smith? Is there any proven evidence against either of them?

    @ Mike. No, Clarence Mitchell isn’t an MP, yet. I don’t even know who Fiona MacKeown is.

  57. Pedro Silver Reply

    Elena Mitchell
    July 29, 2013 at 5.00 pm
    @Perdo Silver. All of The Mitchells are related in some distant fashion.

    Really even those that enter the family by marriage ,you aint too bright Pam are you?

    @ Michael McLean. Are you Pretendy Pete?
    Jimmy Savile and Cyril Smith? Is there any proven evidence against either of them?

    Wow I think that says it all !

  58. Steve Reply

    Elena Mitchell
    July 29, 2013 at 5.00 pm
    Jimmy Savile and Cyril Smith? Is there any proven evidence against either of them?

    Oh dear, I think that says a lot about where you stand on the issue of child abuse.

  59. Mike Reply

    Elena Mitchell
    July 29, 2013 at 5.00 pm

    @ Mike. No, Clarence Mitchell isn’t an MP, yet. I don’t even know who Fiona MacKeown is.

    Then let me enlighten you.

    Fiona MacKeown was charged with falsely claiming £51,401.49p income support.
    She was found guilty on 19th March 2010 and is now a convicted benefits fraudster.
    Mr Clarance Mitchell became her spokesman on 25th April 2008
    She was charged on 3rd December 2009.
    Found GUILTY 19th March 2010.

    Of course, you’ll be telling us he knew nothing about her fraudulent behaviour.
    Even though he was her spokesman!
    He spoke up for her on 12th October 2008 when she had been summoned.

    So no getting away from it Mitchell WAS the spokesman for, and spoke up for, a now CONVICTED BENEFITS CHEAT FRAUDSTER.

    All i asked you is, is he still her spokesman?

    After all, you have given the impression that you actually know him.

  60. Elena Mitchell Reply

    I am a Mitchell by birth, back through several generations. Although I can’t imagine why this should be any business of yours.
    Do you have any evidence against Jimmy Savile or Cyril Smith? Or is this just another witch hunt?

  61. Elena Mitchell Reply

    @ Steve. It says nothing about where I stand on child abuse. Only about where I stand on The Law. Innocent until Proven Guilty.

  62. Mike Reply

    Fiona MacKeown committed her fraud from between February 2005 and March 2008.

    Mr Mitchell became her spokesperson in April 2008.

    AFTER she had committed fraud and BEFORE she was charged in December 2009.

    Now could you please confirm that Mr C Mitchell knew nothing about her fraud.

  63. Pedro Silver Reply

    Do you have any evidence against Jimmy Savile or Cyril Smith? Or is this just another witch hunt? – See more at:


    In addition all Mitchels arent related Pam ,as I pointed out .

    As everyone on earth comes from the African rift valley we are all related ,to the delight of David Payne no doubt

  64. Elena Mitchell Reply

    @ Mike. I have no idea about Fiona McKeown, or why Clarence Mitchell spoke for her. And nor do I know if he knew of what she had done. But this does not make him guilty of any offence, unless you know better, of course.

    No, I have never personally met him. Although it is always possible that my granddad’s granddad knew his great granddad if they were both deported to Australia for Sheep Stealing, which a lot of the Mitchells were. Most of the rest of them bogged off to America, which is why there aren’t too many Mitchells left in Mitchells Town anymore. Clarence and I are just part of the residue whose families didn’t manage to escape, and got stuck in Britain. Although I have since bogged off to France.

    Ah Ha. Maureen Eleanor Lang, nee Mitchell, you all cry. That’s me. And Clarence Mitchell is young enough to be one of my sons. And proud of him I would be if he were. He is a kind man. He helps people.

  65. Helen Williamson Reply


    Your quote:

    “Remember we only have the McCann’s and their friends word for it that the children were actually left alone. Just as likely an explanation is that they needed to admit to neglect in order for an “abduction” to take place. No neglect = no abduction”

    I agree and it’s why I used the word “claim.” No evidence of abduction. However, evidence was found in 5A that appears to have been overlooked?

    I’m still waiting to see the Law that exonerates leaving children alone. Somehow I don’t think it will be forthcoming.

  66. Elena Mitchell Reply

    @ Pedro Silver. Presumably you mean Pedro Silva whose socks you are not fit to wash.
    The Rift Valley? Oh dear God, you don’t buy that one, do you? I come from Southern Ireland, personally.

    David Payne? Not about to get into seriously Libel are we? Probably not. Even you can’t be that stupid.

    PS. Who is Pam? I don’t know any one of that name.

  67. Elena Mitchell Reply

    @ Helen Williamson. It has been six years now. How long do you think that this is likely to take?

  68. Helen Williamson Reply

    Awaited proof to back your statement in your first post to me.
    Wait over,I know you can’t.

    I have no time for someone who argues and makes comments that don’t hold up to scrutiny or truth.
    Someone who accuses others of libel and bile and yet their comments do stand up to scrutiny.
    Someone who makes claims about Law whilst not having the foggiest themselves.
    Someone who accuses me of being semi illiterate and a bigot.
    Someone who leaves their children on their own and also brags they know of others who do the same.

    Having read your later comments I don’t feel obliged to answer your question.

    I have no time for you.

  69. Pedro Silver Reply

    Elena Mitchell
    July 29, 2013 at 8.43 pm
    @ Pedro Silver. Presumably you mean Pedro Silva whose socks you are not fit to wash.
    The Rift Valley? Oh dear God, you don’t buy that one, do you? I come from Southern Ireland, personally.

    David Payne? Not about to get into seriously Libel are we? Probably not. Even you can’t be that stupid.

    PS. Who is Pam? I don’t know any one of that name.

    – See more at:

    I know my name Pam ,as for the rift valley its called science something you zealots dont like.

    As for stupidity.I will leave that to you

  70. Pedro Silver Reply

    there you are Pam dont let the fact get in the way though eh?

    Some 99% of the human genome is shuffled from one birth to the next. The Genographic Project traces the 1% of the genome which is not shuffled—mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) through the maternal line and the Y-chromosome through the paternal. These jokers in the pack allow geneticists to work back to our common ancestors. Our mtDNA appears to coalesce in a single woman, who lived on the African savannah 150,000 years ago. Our Y-chromosome survives from a single man, who lived in the Rift Valley of Kenya or Tanzania 59,000 years ago. So Adam and Eve did exist—90,000 years apart. The discrepancy is because, unlike the biblical Adam and Eve, this couple only represent the last common Ancestors we can trace genetically.

  71. Helen Williamson Reply

    If a certain person is representative of voters for Clarence Mitchell, God help him! And us if he is elected.

    Tory switch off! UKIP here I come!

  72. mel Reply

    Elena Mitchell
    If Clarence Mitchell was a kind man he would be on Madeleine’s side, not helping the parents evade the law given they’ve confessed to neglect but thus far remain untouched by justice. What I didn’t know until I recently looked into this further, is that there are seemingly endless damning events surrounding Madeleine’s disappearance and there’s certainly not many glaring discrepancies without the most obscure of explanations, often via Mr Mitchell. I find it distasteful of him to be involved to this extent seeing as nothing has been proven one way or another but we all have jobs to do, however uncomfortable others perceive it.

    Oddly enough, it appears you’re not alone in your views, there’s a small group of people on the internet who will seemingly stop at nothing to shut up anybody who disbelieves the abduction theory and dares to speak out. I’ve come across a lot this last few days, from nasty childish comments to some sinister sounding threats. They also seem to peddle the notion that abandoning children for a night out boozing is fine and even admit to doing it themselves, and are more than happy to accuse the victims of Savile’s and other celebrity sex offenders/paedophiles of ‘jumping on the bandwagon’ for money, fame or some other mysterious benefit.

    I would urge people to read and make up their own minds about this mysterious case. If you can look beyond the fighting, the facebook controversy group will give you ideas on what to read and where it is (official police files) and twitter will keep you up to date with any new information as it materialises. For years I’ve wondered why there was only ever favourable press about the couple and never seem to question them or dig deeper as journalists do.

    As for the Rift Valley, it’s correct and a very well known scientific fact.

  73. Sandra Webb Reply

    It’s becoming clear that Clarence Mitchell’s salary for representing the McCanns has come from the fund set up to FIND Madeleine. Thousands of British people whose hearts were touched by the hertbreaking story willingly dcnated money to FIND Madeleine. But as far as I can see Mitchell has done NOTHING to help find Madeleine; all he has done is to try to shore up the McCanns’ reputation. How much nearer are we to finding Madeleine, or even finding out what happened to her? Clarence Mitchell has not brought us anywhere nearer. Six years later, and millions of pounds spent on three police investigations and several private investigations – and what do we know about what happened to Madeleine? Nothing. We don’t need you in Brighton, Clarence

  74. Pedro Silver Reply

    thank you Mel you have summed it it up very well,Obrigado

  75. mel Reply

    Sandra Webb
    Clarence Mitchell has been decidedly underwhelming hasn’t he. I seem to recall he gave up his old job and went to work with the family within days of Madeleine going missing. Sounds like a bit of a risk when she could have turned up any day. I read somewhere that there’s been something like 13% (but I can’t vouch for that) of the Find Madeleine Fund actually spent on looking for Madeleine. That’s not much when one considers they must have received millions. I know they have sued a few newspapers and the pensioner (I don’t recall his name), plus the policeman in Portugal so they must have had an awful lot of solicitors fees to pay, what with Clarence Mitchell taking over their PR (not sure why they needed to sue anyone or hire a PR agent, it seems to be a first when it comes to a child going missing) but there it is.

    With all that money behind him, Clarence Mitchell has got nowhere very slowly. Brighton and the Tory party would be crazy to take him on.

    Pedro Silver
    Thank you, I’ve done a lot of reading. I don’t like to follow the crowd!

  76. Sandra Webb Reply

    Mitchell worked as Blair’s chief spin doctor and media manipulator for how many years was it? – seven?

    So when did he convert to the Conservatives and decide to fight the evil Labour Party?

    Maybe he will tell us?

    Was it round about the time (2009) that Murdoch met Cameron on his yacht in the Med and said: “Give me BSkyB and my papers will win you the next General Election”?

    And can someone please tell me exactly what Mitchell stands for?

  77. mel Reply

    Sandra Webb
    I would but I don’t think even he knows. Maybe the highest bidder?

  78. Camilla Reply

    I am shocked that some condone leaving 3 toddlers alone nightly in a foreign country, so as to go out for dinner.

    If one of the babies awoke in a groggy state, and went searching for her parents, and fell off the back of a chair, or over the balcony, sustaining a fatal head injury, whose fault would it be? Would you then say ‘I’m sorry we weren’t there at that minute, and my child took that as an opportunity to put herself in harms way?’

    It’s reprehensible and perilous to leave babies the way the McCann’s did, and shame them and Mitchell for not once admitting such.

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