Five-storey student block to be built on Vogue Gyratory island in Brighton

Posted On 18 Nov 2015 at 3:02 pm

A five-storey student block can be built at the Vogue Gyratory – on the island – after planning permission was granted this afternoon (Wednesday 18 November).

The building will contain 44 flats and a communal area, laundrette, plant room, toilets and areas outside for bins and 36 bikes to be parked. No car parking is proposed on the site.

A Brighton and Hove City Council report said that the flats will go on the site of the old White Crow pub which was demolished without permission. The site also once included the Vogue cinema.

McLaren 106 Lewes Road Brighton artists impression

The applicant – the McLaren property group – also owns two sites across Lewes Road with permission for blocks of student flats. One block has been built and the other was given planning consent almost three months ago.

Members of the council’s Planning Committee were told that the ground floor was almost double height, making the building the equivalent of a six-storey property.

Councillor Lee Wares said that he was reluctant to rely on a management plan alone to ensure that traffic congestion in the area did not worsen.

He said that there should be a specific condition regulating large vehicles making deliveries and collecting rubbish and regulating the drop-off and pick-up of students.

Councillors voted for conditions, including one to prevent a third-floor roof terrace being used after 10pm to prevent neighbours suffering noise nuisance.

Some neighbours objected to the plans in principle because they said there were already too many student homes in the area and they had safety concerns.

The Planning Committee voted unanimously in favour of the scheme.

McLaren is expected to start work on the site as soon as possible, possibly in the new year, and aims to complete building work by July 2017.

  1. Robin D Rich Reply

    How do they propose getting all those students across the Vogue Gyratory after a night out on the p*ss? Luckily there is a convenient funeral parlour just across the road. I just hope it can deal with the inundation of bodies mangled by the heavy traffic.

  2. Looby Reply

    Hellsbells. I once thought increasing the student element would create a nice vibe in the area. From what I witness to date it is far from that. They are the generation of no eye contact, no spatial awareness, every other word is “LIKE” said in an American squeak, and feet up on the seats on buses and cafes. They appear to have no idea of etiquette and are mostly oblivious. This is not a generalisation. I do not look forward to having more on my home territory.

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