Naked man jogs through Brighton

Posted On 02 Dec 2015 at 1:17 pm

Shoppers braving the wind and rain on Saturday were left agog when a naked man jogged through the city centre.

North Street, Brighton. Image taken from Google StreetviewThe man was spotted in the Old Steine, North Street and The Lanes from about 2pm to 4pm, with not a stitch of clothing on – not even socks and shoes.

But despite the unusual sight inspiring a string of tweets, no complaints were made to Sussex Police.

One of those who saw him, Karen Charles, said: “I saw a totally naked dude walking up North Street, as you do.

“He was completely naked – just a mobile phone in his hand. I thought I’d seen everything in Brighton!”

  1. Ollie Reply

    Probably a stray stag…

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