Police hunt for angry ginger man who punched cyclist on Brighton seafront

Posted On 23 Aug 2016 at 1:04 pm

Police are seeking a man they want to question in connection with an assault on a cyclist in Brighton.
bike attack suspect
The 23-year-old victim was cycling along a shared space on Kings Road just after 10am on Saturday, August 6, when he braked to avoid a man and then rode past him. There was an exchange of words between the two men before the pedestrian grabbed the cyclist and punched him repeatedly.

A bystander intervened and then someone else, who appeared to know the man, pulled him away telling him to stop.

The man is described as white, late 30s to early 40s, with very short ginger hair, a distinctive bridge nose and an outline star tattoo on his left hand. He was wearing a navy blue polo shirt with a light blue ‘moose’ logo, white shorts and black shoes. He had a silver watch on his right wrist and a silver bracelet on his left wrist.

Police want to speak to the man or anyone else who witnessed the incident. If you know him or was a witness, please email 101@sussex.pnn.police.uk or call 101 quoting serial 543 of 06/08. Alternatively, you can call the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 (www.crimestoppers-uk.org).

  1. Geoff Reply

    Part of a wider problem of cyclists on pavements,going through red lights and speeding on pedestrianised streets in Hove and Brighton.
    There must have been some serious injuries already that don’t get publicised enough amd there will be moe to come.

    • John Reply

      Read the story. It was a shared cyclist/pedestrian space. Yes, there are dickish cyclists, but nothing in this story suggests that this particular cyclist was one.

      • Billybobcyclistnab Reply

        Brakes and swerved would suggest otherwise. As a cyclist myself I see all manner of craziness on the coastal road and shared space. Cyclists hitting 20 miles an hour on race spec bikes expecting others to simply move is unacceptable and will end in tragedy. Especially in the height of summer and Brighton being such a tourist destination, more should be done from the council to ease such issues.

        • Paul Reply

          Where does it say he swerved? It says he braked. Even at 3mph, you would have to brake if someone walked in front of you.Why so qick to blame the cyclist? I agree there are plenty of idiots who ride like dickheads, but this might not be one of them.

    • paul holloway Reply

      Most cyclists are pedestrians and motorists.

  2. Ian T Reply

    Billybob – perhaps you are just stupid or maybe you are a liar!
    It clearly says the cyclist braked but though ee don’t know what for you adsume it was the cyclists fault?!
    Nowhere does it say that the cyclist ‘swerved’ but again you draw a conclusion without knowing the facts!
    I think I know the answer to my first auestion now – you are both stupid AND a liar!!

  3. Carol Reply

    If bikes had bells then they could make pedestrians aware of their proximity!!Don’t forget people go about in their own worlds and may not realise that they may be in a cyclist lane.Respect each other!

  4. Angelo Reply

    Dial lane means pedestrian and cyclists was wrong. Unless we hear both sides we won’t know.
    Moving on …. Being beaten up is not acceptable for any reason and if he got angry with a cyclist , maybe next time he will chose a bus. Only time will tell us. Never judge when we have no facts.

  5. Alex Reply

    What I want to know is what relevance does the man being “ginger” have that it needs to be highlighted in the headline?

    Seriously … it’s completely irrelevant and can only be there for sensationalising reasons.

  6. Ed Reply

    Clearly a majority of cyclists in Brighton require education about how to cycle safely. I haven’t seen any cyclist take note of any of the give way signs on the shared lane on the seafront and in fact, seem to speed up when they get to them. The council need to do something about this before somebody gets severely injured.

    • Cheers Reply

      The man gets beaten up for no reason other than pedestrian rage and you are blaming the victim? Do you blame the girl that got raped for dressing too slut as well?

  7. Andy Horton Reply

    Unsuitable narrow cyclepath. But there are plenty of unsuitable roads where motorists drive too fast for the conditions. And need to suddenly brake.

    As a 3000 miles a year cyclist, I rarely need to brake.

    A bit tricky to use a cyclepath where pedestrians can interject at a tangent. Sometimes safer to ride the roads where the flow of traffic is in the same direction.

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