A young Dimbleby makes radio debut on BBC Sussex

Posted On 14 Sep 2016 at 11:08 am

A third generation of the Dimbleby family has presented a programme for the BBC.

Fred Dimbleby, the son of Question Time host David Dimbleby, made his debut presenting the final half hour of the breakfast show on BBC Sussex from a studio in Brighton.

He was offered the opportunity to follow in his father’s professional footsteps after chairing a Question Time-style debate at his school, Brighton College, during the European Union referendum campaign.

The regular breakfast show host Neil Pringle, the former station manager, gave a positive verdict just before the programme ended this morning (Wednesday 14 September).

But 18-year-old Fred, who has just completed his A levels, may follow a different career. One possibility is law, with a seat on the US Supreme Court judges’ bench in his sights.

Fred Dimblebey - Picture by David McHugh

Fred Dimblebey hosting a Question Time-style debate at Brighton College – Picture by David McHugh

As well as having a famous broadcasting father, his uncle Jonathan presents Any Questions on Radio 4 and his grandfather Richard was the BBC’s first war correspondent, serving in the Second World War.

Fred said: “It was the quickest 30 minutes of my life.”

He said that he liked being able to interview people he wouldn’t normally have a chance to speak to.

  1. Madge Reply

    Why is this a news story? Privileged child of the famous and wealthy gets an opportunity at the BBC… I am sure the boy is more than capable and it’s great that Brighton College pupils are so successful but the steer of the story is about his famous family, not his personal achievements. Poor show.

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