Nothing like forward planning – Professor Brian Cox returns to the Brighton Centre… 2019!! – Tickets on sale Friday 27th October 2017

Posted On 25 Oct 2017 at 10:30 pm

Professor Brian Cox is coming to the Brighton Centre in 2019 (photo by Nicky Sims)

Having set two Guinness World Record titles with his previous sell-out live UK and Ireland tour, Professor Brian Cox, OBE is heading back out on the road with a brand 18-date new show for 2019, Professor Brian Cox Live 2019. Beginning at Derby Arena on 7th February 2019 and arriving at the Brighton Centre on Tuesday 26th February 2019 and concluding at Cardiff’s Motorpoint Arena on 1st March 2019, tickets go on general sale on Friday 27th October 2017, available from and (for the Brighton appearance)

Taking audiences to the edge of our current understanding about the origin and evolution of our Solar System and the Universe, Professor Brian Cox Live 2019 offers a fascinating insight into the workings of nature at the most fundamental level. Whether an avid science reader or a total novice, Professor Cox makes challenging ideas accessible to all, exploring the vast, possibly infinite universe and our place within it from earth to the edges of the cosmos. Brian will once again be joined by co-host of The Infinite Monkey Cage and award-winning comedian Robin Ince to oversee an audience Q&A, giving fans the chance to ask any questions they have and making every show unique.

Professor Brian Cox said: “On the last tour I loved talking about astronomy and cosmology in very large venues that usually only host rock bands. The great advantage was the ability to use vast, state of the art screens to display images of the cosmos as we’ve never seen them before. 30 meter-wide images from the Hubble Space Telescope are certainly something to behold. On this new tour, I’m going to go a step further with the technology, to the horror of my promoter because it’ll be bloody expensive. But it’ll be bloody spectacular as well, and I hope it’ll offer people a completely new perspective on our place in the Universe.”

Brian is Professor of Particle Physics at The University of Manchester, The Royal Society Professor for Public Engagement in Science and a Fellow of the Royal Society. As a broadcaster, he has presented a number of highly acclaimed science programmes for the BBC, boosting the popularity of subjects such as astronomy and physics and garnering a host of accolades, including two Royal Television Society awards and a Peabody Award for Wonders Of The Solar System. He has also authored a series of best-selling books, including the widely acclaimed Human Universe and the recently released Universal: A Guide to the Cosmos, and is recognised as the foremost communicator for all things scientific. His critically acclaimed BBC series, Forces of Nature, aired in 2016 whilst he recently once again co-hosted Stargazing Live. He holds two Guinness World Record titles for a science tour for his total sell-out debut tour, which began in 2016 and saw over 150,000 attend in total, including a sell-out show at The SSE Arena, Wembley.

For more information on Professor Brian Cox visit: and @briancoxlive and @profbriancox

Professor Brian Cox is coming to the Brighton Centre in 2019 (photo by Nicky Sims)

  1. Fishwife, 49 Reply

    Hubbie and I saw him on the Uncaged Monkeys tour a few years ago. He was very affable, but he managed to lose the audience within about two minutes by trying to explain some arcane equation relating to sub-atomic theory. If Robin Ince hadn’t stepped in and rescued us, I honestly think people would have started leaving.
    The other speakers (including Ince) were brilliant, but Cox was more “Raymond Babbitt” than “Ian Malcolm”.

    • Nick Linazasoro Reply

      I think that’s possibly a case of his boyish enthiasm running away from him. I for one find him totally mesmerising.

      • Fishwife, 49 Reply

        Oh don’t get me wrong: we both find him wonderfully engaging and infectiously enthusiastic – but without an interpreter, his schtick becomes impenetrable. Glad to see Robin Ince will be on hand!

        • Nick Linazasoro Reply

          You only have to wait 484 days to see them both!

  2. Big Woola Reply

    I’m afraid Cox is pretentious and dull. He is 50 but pretending to be 21.

    • Nick Linazasoro Reply

      I am afraid that I personally do not concur with you and he is actually 49. But hey, thanks for your interest in our website.

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