Nothing to be GLUM about in Brighton

Posted On 16 Feb 2018 at 10:09 pm

Nope certainly nothing to be glum about in Brighton indeed. A classic example is you get to see four great bands for just a fiver!

So let’s put this into context, you have a choice of one pint of beer that will last you around twenty minutes OR you get a whole evenings aural and visual entertainment for the same price! No brainer really is it?

So what do you get for your £5?

Well for starters you get this (something akin to Nirvana) and you get this (blink and you’ll miss it) and you get this (not the young lady) and finally you get this.

Now those of you who are 18+ check your diary is free on Thursday 22nd February from 7:30pm and then purchase your tickets here and head on up to the Green Door Store in Brighton for a great night of rad bands!

GLUM (pic by Valentina Delille)



Five Kites

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