Record Store Day 2018

Posted On 04 Mar 2018 at 7:22 pm

Roll on 6pm Tuesday 6th March as that is when we will all find out the full list of wonderful vinyl releases to be unleashed for Record Store Day 2018, which takes place in over 200 independent record shops right across the country on Saturday 21st April.

No doubt there will again this year be 100’s of wonderful limited edition records to choose from (by established artists such as David Bowie and emerging talents such as Soccer Mommy) and available in every colour imaginable, including picture discs, whether it be 7”, 12” or other formats such as 10”. This idea has certainly captured the imagination of this country (and internationally) and the money from their wallets.

Celebrating Record Store Day in 2016

It’s an exciting time for Brighton’s independent record shops as it allows them to entice more punters into their businesses and thus hopefully earn them a little profit and gain more valuable regular customers. This will assist them to keep trading in this ever increasing boring non-tangible download society. Some shops even put on special events, whether it be live performances of artists who just happen to be releasing a disc for Record Store Day or there could be a special food buffet or even drinks.

I personally have many, many wonderful memories of going weekly record shopping around Brighton when In was studying at college. Thankfully it’s gone full circle now and the new generation can also benefit of the shear excitement of visiting an independent record shop and discovering vinyl that you never knew existed!

Hannah Peel playing her music box outside of Resident Music on Record Store Day 2016

I was covering the 2016 Record Store Day for another Brighton publication and I have to say how impressed I was with the response from the public as there was a queue of hopeful record buying punters several feet deep right along and out of Kensington Gardens. As they waited patiently in the queue, (listening to the sounds of Hannah Peel, who was entertaining the waiting crowds with her music box) trying to get into Resident Music.

If your chosen limited edition vinyl releases are collectible, then you need to get up early and stand in line, but obviously before that, you will need to have previously checked that your chosen store has indeed managed to secure several copies of said platter, otherwise you would have wasted your time.

Your local Brighton independent record shops that are taking place this year are listed below. Good luck and happy hunting!

Bella Union Vinyl Shop,
13 Ship Street Gardens, Brighton, BN1 1AJ Tel: 01273 245287

Rarekind Records,
104 Trafalgar Street, Brighton, BN1 4ER Tel: 01273 818170

Resident Music,
27-28 Kensington Gardens, Brighton, BN1 4AL Tel: 01273 606312

Vinyl Revolution,
33 Duke Street, Brighton, BN1 1AG Tel: 0333 323 0736

Here’s the website that you need to keep an eye on from 6pm on Tuesday 6th March

Rhoda Dakar and The Tuts playing live in an independent record shop in Eastbourne for 2016’s Record Store Day

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