Like Green Day and Blink 182? Then check out Iron Chic

Posted On 26 Mar 2018 at 10:13 pm

Iron Chic

If you are rather partial to Green Day and Blink 182, then the likelihood is that Iron Chic are the ones for you.

Iron Chic are an American pop punk band from Long Island, New York, United States, who formed back in 2008. The band is made up of Phil Douglas, Jason Lubrano, Gordon Lafler, Mike Bruno, and Jesse Litwa.

The guys have released records on Bridge Nine Records, Dead Broke Rekerds and Side One Dummy. Their full-length albums have received positive reviews on several websites and Iron Chic’s current release is the 11 track album ‘You Can’t Stay Here’ which hits the streets last October.

Iron Chic’s ‘You Can’t Stay Here’ album available in blood red vinyl

In support of this release, they are heading over to these shores and Europe in order to play a 21 date tour. Their first UK date will be at The Haunt in Brighton on Tuesday 17th April. You can find your tickets here: Seetickets. Songkick.

You can check out their website here and listen to what they sound like on their Bandcamp page, as there are 8 releases located there for you to enjoy:

Support slot for The Haunt gig will be Uxbridge’s finest Colour Me Wednesday, who are a band fronted by two sisters Jennifer and Harriet Doveton.

Colour Me Wednesday (pic James Birtwhistle)

They have been busy working on their second album which should be out very soon. You can find updates on its progress here:

It follows on from their debut album ‘I Thought It Was Morning’ which came out in 2013.

Colour Me Wednesday

A five year gap could be considered quite a time, but the ladies have been busy throughout this five year period, as they have released several singles during that time and Harriet has been absorbed with her other outfit The Tuts and Jennifer has been tied up with her Baby Arms project. You can hear what they sound like here:

Iron Chic tour flyer

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