Gary Numan set to play first ever Worthing gig

Posted On 13 May 2018 at 3:17 pm

The Godfather of Synth Music, Gary Numan, has been on the scene since he broke through way back in 1979 with the No.1 single ‘Are ‘Friends’ Electric?’ as Tubeway Army, which was swiftly followed by ‘Cars’ as Gary Numan, which also reached the top spot.

In all that time, I have followed his music career and during the four decades he has never played a concert in Worthing. He has usually opted for a gig in Brighton, which is under 15 miles away. However, he is now booked in to appear at the Assembly Halls, located in Stoke Abbott Road, Worthing BN11 1HQ on Thursday 19th July.

I think it will be quite refreshing to see him appear in a new slightly intimate venue, although it does mean a 30 mile round trip, but it will no doubt be worth it.

The gig has been booked as one of three warm up shows in July leading up to the Bluedot Festival performance on July 21st. The other warm up shows on this mini ‘Savage’ tour will be: Holmfirth Picturedrome on July 18th (which has already sold out) and Basingstoke, The Anvil on July 20th.

Gary Numan on tour in Brighton 2017

Numan’s latest material is quite a distance from his earlier material. It’s heavier, it’s industrial and it’s still brilliant! See what I mean HERE. This track has been seen around 1.8 million times! So the man’s still very popular and no doubt his Worthing gig will sell out over the next few days, so I wouldn’t delay if I were you!

Still undecided? This is more than likely what you are going to get, click HERE.

Grab your tickets here: and more information on Gary here:

Gary Numan on tour in Brighton 2017


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