No less than 10 bands set to play ‘Utopia All Dayer’ in Brighton

Posted On 13 May 2018 at 1:43 pm

“Utopia – an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect”. Sounds good to me, let’s find out more.

The ‘Utopia All Dayer’ is a special music event that will be highlighting no less than ten (yes 10) emerging talents and will be held in Brighton on Saturday 9th June from 13:45 pm to 23:00 pm at the Green Door Store.

The every popular GDS venue is conveniently located immediately underneath Brighton’s main railway station and so those that are contemplating attending this event can easily hop on a train, bus or taxi or even walk if you are local.

The 10 acts that will be playing are:


TOY – The last time TOY put on a show for the good people of Brighton was at The Haunt back in late 2016. They are returning for what is sure to be an electrifying headline set in the intimate surroundings of Green Door Store.



FEWS – These guys play post-post-punk, motorik noise-pop, whatever you want to call it.


Is Bliss

Is Bliss –  An awesome indie noise trio hailing from Portsmouth made up of Jimmy Stuart, Dean Edwards and Sam Speakman.


Bad Nerves

Bad Nerves They like David Bowie, Ty Segall, Jay Reatard, The Ramones, Marked Men, The Clash, Dan Sartain and Radioactivity.


Atlas Wynd

Atlas Wynd  A trio made up of Peter Chapman on vocals and guitar, Harry Sotnick on drums Sam Evans on bass.


Strange Cages

Strange Cages Brighton’s Strange Cages are one of the country’s most vivid live acts, a group whose psychotic take on rock ‘n’ roll turns the narrow streets of Brighton into desert hallucinogenics.


Peeping Drexels

Peeping Drexels –  Hail from south London and play sloppy beats and sleazy melodies – music for horrible people.


Skinny Milk

Skinny Milk – These guys are a psychedelic garage punk duo from Brighton.


Buddha Blood

Buddha Blood  They have a shared a passion for psychedelic fuzz and dreamy melodies, such as Stone Roses, Brian Jonestown Massacre and Tame Impala, so expect driving yet melodic riffs as well as whirling, spacey vocals.


Sun Scream

Sun Scream  Tom Lawrence, James Green, Emily Wallace and Jamie Robertson make surfey psychedelic noises.

A Spotify playlist has been created in order to give you some idea of what sounds to expect – click here.

So to recap, the ‘Utopia All Dayer’ will be held on Saturday 9th June from 13:45 pm to 23:00 pm at the Green Door Store in Brighton – grab your tickets HERE and HERE.

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