The Green Door Store hosting FREE music gig this Friday!

Posted On 09 Jun 2018 at 1:47 am

Inside The Green Door Store

Well what do you know, those lovely people at Brighton’s Green Door Store have lined up a FREE concert featuring three decent local acts this coming Friday 15th June from 7pm to 10pm.

The Green Door Store is conveniently located immediately below Brighton’s mainline railway station and a stone’s throw away from the Prince Albert. As well as the trains above the venue, there are many buses that stop nearby, plus there is a taxi rank at the station too, so The Green Door Store is easily accessible.

The three musical acts performing are Battery Operated Orchestra (BOO), Fruity Water and Cosmic Caz.

These acts all use keyboards to one degree or another, but musically they are certainly doing their own things!

Battery Operated Orchestra

The Battery Operated Orchestra are Brigitte and Chris, who make their own blend of synthpop. They are very good indeed and they will be releasing their next album on 10th August, which is called ‘Snare’. It includes the lead single ‘Perfect Wreck’ – watch the video HERE.

You can see why Battery Operated Orchestra are also known as BOO.

Their music has been supported by BBC radio, WFMU and many other fine stations across the world. Their videos and CD artwork, which DJs have described as some of the most beautiful they’ve seen, are all hand-made by the band themselves.

According to Louder Than War, BOO make “Highly charged electronica with incredibly addictive melodies”, whereas Give it Back Magazine state that they produce “Shakin’ 80s electronics stuck with a bit of Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Debbie Harry”.

Battery Operated Orchestra’s last live performance in Brighton

We at the Brighton & Hove News Music Team totally agree with the ‘incredibly addictive melodies’ and ‘Shakin’ 80s electronics’ references, however, BOO are also the sound of now and the forthcoming album which convey this.

Find out more about BOO here:

Fruity Water

Fruity Water are Adam and Smalan who offer up their own dreamy electro-popper blend of music that is in the main quite relaxing. The Brighton & Hove News saw the guys back in March on the same bill as AK/DK and five days after their gig this tune sounding like a New Order demo appeared – take a look HERE as it is about and filmed in Brighton.

Find out more about Fruity Water here:

Cosmic Caz

Cosmic Caz is a young lady that states that she is expressing and understanding through sound within the cosmic realms and that she immerses you in chaotic ethereal soundscapes, rattling drums, sweeping warbling synths and squelching field recordings that provide a pleasant sensory overload.

Not sure what that all means? Then click HERE to watch her latest video for ‘Nature’s Glitch’.

Find out more about Cosmic Caz here:

So there you have it, the run down of the three acts. You don’t even need to worry about purchasing tickets for this event as it is totally FREE.
Put it in your diaries now: Friday 15th June, The Green Door Store, Free Entry From 7:00 pm to 10 pm. (Must be 18+).

More on The Green Door Store HERE.

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