Brighton is the Electronic Music Capital of the UK

Posted On 05 Aug 2018 at 1:40 pm
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Key Facts:
* Brighton has 3.3 electronic events per 1000 people
* London only has 0.5
* Manchester is 3rd (and the city with the highest population in the top 5, Glasgow comes in at 6th)
* Followed by Llandudno, Penrith and Newcastle

Free Love performing in Brighton 18.5.18

Brighton has been crowned the ‘Electronic Music Capital of the UK”, with research from event ticketing search engine TickX showing the city has nearly seven times more electronic gig and club nights per person than London.

Tesla Girls DJing on Brighton 28.4.18

The Spearhead

Brighton has steadily cultivated a reputation for some of the most innovative arts and music in the UK, with many of the country’s best and brightest in their field flocking to “London-by-the-sea” to join a thriving, creative metropolis.

Raving in Brighton 29.6.18

Electronic music has consistently been popular in Brighton, with venues throughout the city such as The Arch, Patterns and Brighton Centre regularly hosting specialist events. However, in 2016, Brighton’s reputation for electronic music was enhanced with the launch of Boundary Brighton, its own flagship festival dedicated to electronic music.

DJ on the case

Taking the best of Brighton’s creative energy, lust for life and generosity of spirit, Boundary Brighton is a festival with three stages of music, a vintage fair, delicious local food and other unexpected treats, all nestled between the crest of the Downs and the City with the sea below.


Behind Brighton for electronic music gigs and events was Llandudno in 2nd place (2.4 electronic events per 1000 people) Manchester in 3rd (2.3 events per 1000 people on average) and London in a lowly 26th place.

Orbital Brighton 29.6.18

Some of the biggest drivers of Brighton’s music scene have been the youth and those helping to develop their skills like local charity AudioActive, led by Brighton Native Rory Graham AKA Rag’n’Bone Man.

Sister Bliss grabbing a shot of the ravers in Brighton 29.6.18

Adam Joolia, AudioActive CEO said: “AudioActive is a ground-breaking music organisation, working with young people at the meeting point of technology and contemporary urban culture, using music for social change, disrupting mainstream education mixing music and education together. The youth of Brighton can come to us amid social issues and problems and we will strive to find something that inspires them and cultivates talent.”

Don’t you just love modern technology

“Brighton has always been evolving: it has so many quality venues competing with new ones always popping up and engaging in electronic music. There is definitely a creative vibe in the air which naturally attracts creatives with a friendly and approachable atmosphere, unlike London.”

Kraftwerk live in Brighton 7.6.17

Steve Pearce, TickX CEO, said: “We are passionate about celebrating places that have established themselves at the forefront of entertainment. Brighton is famously one of the country’s most creative hubs and we’re delighted to name the city as the ‘UK’s Capital for Electronic Music’. Its reputation as the place to be for electronic gigs and club nights will no doubt continue to grow as the Boundary Festival and other electronic music events in the city get bigger and better every year.”

Sextile in Brighton 27.1.18

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Battery Operated Orchestra live in Brighton 28.4.18

Dog In The Snow live in Brighton 19.5.18

IVI live in Brighton 29.3.18

Joycut live in Brighton 19.5.18

Let’s Eat Grandma live in Hove 18.5.18

Merlin Tonto live in Brighton 14.5.18

Pinkshinyultrablast live in Brighton 11.5.18

  1. Adam Joolia - AudioActive Reply

    Just to be clear; I was interviewed by TickX for this article but appear to have been heavily paraphrased here…

    • Nick Linazasoro Reply

      The Brighton & Hove News were sent the press release wording by TickX and took the content on good faith as being accurate. We did not change any quotes contained within this article. We added the photos to make the article more interesting.

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