People of Brighton can you crack the Cold War code?

Posted On 25 Aug 2018 at 9:22 pm

The Cold War code is here somewhere?

It appears that I have been enSNAREd by the Battery Operated Orchestra. BOO for short, are a truly fab husband-wife synth pop duo comprising of art deco modelesque Brigitte Rose who hails from far off distant shores (Tasmania) and Chris Black whose roots lie north of the border (Scotland).

‘Snare’ the new album from Battery Operated Orchestra

Their music has been supported by many fine radio stations right across the world as well as here at home on BBC radio.

Battery Operated Orchestra

Chris and Brigitte are a creative pair, as not only do they craft their own musical material, but they make their own videos and even their CD artwork, which DJs have described as some of the most beautiful they’ve seen.

Battery Operated Orchestra

Here lies the Cold War code conundrum. You see, BOO last month released their terrific new fresh CD album entitled ‘Snare’ – or in my case enSNARE. You see this 10 track beauty that has already unleashed three singles, Strange Goodbye,  ‘Bella’  and Perfect Wreck, but the big blow is that the duo have hidden a Cold War code within the details of the physical CD.

Brigitte Rose of Battery Operated Orchestra

I am not aware of any artist having done this before and so I wrongly thought that I would be able to solve this unique puzzle from this side of the Iron Curtain and yet here we are six weeks after the release and I’m still none the wiser!

Chris Black of Battery Operated Orchestra

Seems that I’m not alone and so BOO have put down breadcrumbs for us to follow in the form of 5 clues (so far). Each one filled with espionage and sounding more intriguing than the last. I’m not sure if this chap was having a laugh, but he posted that he had stayed indoors for two whole days trying to solve the riddle, instead of going to his job – they fired him! A classic case of Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD). This could be true or this could be part of the dark mystery.

Brigitte Rose of Battery Operated Orchestra

I mean, I love all of the tracks on the album and enjoy playing it when driving all around the county with my Nuclear Football, but even when I implement new thoughts of Perestroika proportions, I still can’t get it.

Brigitte Rose of Battery Operated Orchestra

It appears that I would have more luck climbing Observation Post Alpha than solving this. Surely it can’t be more complex than Project A119? Maybe I should set up a Rezidentura operations base opposite BOO HQ in order to find the answer? Or even hire The Securitate or StB team from behind the Soviet Bloc to find out?

Front cover of ‘Snare’

I’ve even tried setting up a Team B to study the U-2 or is it V2? You see I’m still frazzled. So I’m calling on your help…..The plan of action is to visit HERE and listen to all of the tracks and then purchase your own copy of ‘Snare’ and study it for a while (whilst enjoying the music contained within the package) and kindly let me know the answer. THANK YOU.

Find out more about BOO here: and here:

Clue 1

Clue 2

Clue 3

Clue 4

Clue 5


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