The girl with the terrific voice to arrive in Brighton by Snail Mail

Posted On 27 Aug 2018 at 7:47 pm

Snail Mail live in Brighton 2018 (pic by Nick Linazasoro)

Snail Mail is the moniker of Lindsey Jordan, who has not long graduated from high school and yet it appears that she is already on the brink of something huge!

Lindsey played this year’s Great Escape Festival and went down a storm with the punters. Since then she has unleashed her rather pleasant crystalline guitar pop debut album entitled ‘Lush’, which I rather enjoy playing loud on the car’s CD player.

The new Snail Mail album ‘Lush’ – well worth a purchase!

‘Lush’ followed the 2016 release of the introductory EP, titled ‘Habit’, which was quickly noticed by both national press outlets and touring bands alike, landing Jordan a serious amount of attention.

The Baltimore singer, songwriter, and guitar prodigy is the latest addition to the renowned Matador Records roster, having bowled them over with her powerhouse vocals, preternaturally wise lyrics, and mind-bogglingly technical compositions.

Snail Mail live in Brighton at the Great Escape 2018

Throughout this accomplished new album ‘Lush’, Jordan has a clear and powerful voice, acute sense of pacing, and razor-sharp writing cut through the chaos and messiness of growing up, like the passing trends, the awkward house parties, the sick-to-your-stomach crushes and the heart wrenching breakups.

You can sample the charm and beauty of Snail Mail, when Lindsey drops by in Brighton on 30th October at Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar in Middle Street from 8pm to 11pm. Secure your tickets HERE.

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  1. Mark Chelverton Reply

    Oh dear … she has shredded her voice from an over-ambitious tour schedule.

    She needs to cancel the rest of the tour as it is wrong for her to be honking through such wonderful songs.

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