‘Ouh là là’ Juniore are coming to Brighton

Posted On 04 Nov 2018 at 1:41 am


Today, I ventured into Brighton for a spot of music retail therapy. It was successful as I made a couple of purchases, however, I found an album in Resident Music that looked intriguing and the artist name rang a bell. It was Juniore and I recalled that my colleague had flagged up a forthcoming Brighton gig with an act of the same name.

The gig is being held at the wonderful Rialto Theatre, which is a stone’s throw away from Western Road, on Tuesday 13th November from 8pm to 11pm. There are actually three acts on the bill – let’s meet them…..


Juniore plays a time-lag between the nostalgia of an era never known – that of scopitones, two-stroke engines and journeys on the moon – and a contemporary world, at Tarantino, populated by stories of girls, ghosts, cities and cars. They hear ultra reverberated guitars that respond to harmonies full of spleen and rhythms.

Juniore is the brainchild of Anna Jean, a singer who lent her voice to songs of Parisian electro acts like Jackson, Jérôme ”Tacteel” Echenoz and Bot’Ox. Juniore, in which Anna Jean is joined by other female musicians, is something completely different – 60’s surf, psychedelica, French female pop, ringing the spirit of yé-yé into the present day. Produced by Samy Osta (Rover, La Femme, Louis Chedid), while Anna Jean sings stories about being sleep deprived, restless or falling out of love. Anna’s mysterious voice is reminiscent of 60s muses, think Nico meets Françoise Hardy.

Further Juniore info can be found HERE and listen HERE.

Black Doldrums

London’s duo Black Doldrums are renowned for delivering multiple layers of echo-drenched guitar and heavy relentless drums, creating their transient and euphoric dark-psych, shoegaze and continuing to astonish audiences with sounds far greater than one may assume.

Black Doldrums are a male-female combo of singer-guitarist Kevin Gibbard and dark haired drummer Sophia Lacroix. Their single ‘Those With A Rope Around Their Neck (Don’t Always Hang)’ backed with ‘Exit City Lights’ saw the light of day last April.

Black Doldrums

The band is influenced by much of the proto-psych of the 1960s, icy post-punk of the 80’s and the Brit Rock swagger of the 90’s, taking their name from Allen Ginsberg’s ‘Denver Doldrums’ and their gothic-psych aesthetic, charmed from Syd Barrett’s ‘Madcap’ era.

Their new ‘Sad Paradise’ EP will be released on Club AC30 on limited edition 12″ Black and Purple Splatter Vinyl on 30th November! Pre order it HERE.

Further Back Doldrums info can be found HERE and listen HERE.

Circe (pic Nick Linazasoro)

We have enjoyed Circe several times already. Circe are fronted by the charming Alexa Povey, whose ethereal voice is something not to be missed. Circe have released ‘Under My Skin’ and my personal fave the truly hypnotic ‘Blood And Wine’, with hopefully more music on the horizon.

Circe can be characterised by their talent in combining dark dramatic lyrics, brooding soundscapes and visceral meaty Novation synth bass to create an otherworldly dimension – as if Kate Bush was exploring the depths of the upside down.

Circe (pic Nick Linazasoro)

Further Circe info can be found HERE and listen HERE.

Tickets for the show can be purchased HERE and HERE.

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