Labour set to call for progressive alliance with the Greens

A progressive alliance between the two main political parties in Brighton and Hove is on the cards.

Labour group leader, councillor Daniel Yates has reached out to the Green Party after discussions with his party’s 20 councillors.

He described the two parties as having manifestos that were “separated at birth”.

The Labour team hopes to develop a “shared policy platform” with the 19 Green councillors while finding a way to work together to govern the city.

Councillor Yates said: “The housing crisis, the homeless and the climate change emergency will not wait while politicians jockey for party political advantage.

“I truly believe that this approach will be beneficial for the city as a whole and enable us to deliver on our promises made on the doorstep.”

During campaigning he said residents, businesses and community organisations were frustrated at the lack of joined up working between the two “progressive” groups.

He said: “Unfortunately, party politics does rather tend to focus on the differences instead of celebrating the shared priorities.

“Personally, I think this tribal approach has to stop holding back our city and our delivery for residents.”

Councillor Yates was elected for the second time in the Moulsecoomb and Bevendean ward with 1,540 votes – the highest number of all candidates standing in the north east Brighton ward.

On Friday once it became clear that it was between Labour and the Greens, he said: “This is a progressive city. We have seen across the city the two progressive political parties returned at the expense of the regressive Conservatives.”

Former Conservative group leader councillor Tony Janio, who stood down yesterday after his party lost seven seats, warned against a Labour and Green power share.

He said: “If there are deals and a coalition, it lets the results down as the residents have said they want an even split.”

Green convenor Phélim Mac Cafferty would not comment on the prospect when asked at the election count by the local democracy reporter service on Friday.

Both the Greens and Labour are due to meet separately on Tuesday, 7 May, with both groups expected to discuss the prospect of a deal.

  1. Rolivan Reply

    Noticed on the Andrew Marr show this morning he said The Green Party had control in Brighton,does he know something we don’t?

  2. Joe Stains Reply

    Oh, this is is too much! It is almost too rich!

    Double the incapability, double the incompetence!

  3. Christopher Hawtree Reply

    The Greens meet tomorrow to discuss all this.

    A key issue will be the domineering officer line on our Libraries (with, of course, the Head of Libraries’ attempt four times in twelve years to close down the Carnegie Library).

    Indeed, this has highlighted the officer angle. What with the Council lawyers telling the Greens we could not inform residents about the reasons behind the Bins duspite lest it upset the tender-hearted GMB in 2012.

    They were being paid for not working 3.5 hours per week (after previous Administrations psnicked at Strike threats). This would have bankrupted the place if we did not hold firm. Look at Birmingham. Here would have been far worse.

  4. Daniel Harris Reply

    One change if they joined forces would need to be Head of Housing Needs, we need a progressive department which really aims to help people when they are in need, rather than fob them off, even when the law states they are eligible for housing assistance.

    But the greens have been good on housing in the last 4 years, we should unite to ensure the loyal Tory officers finally do the right thing and there there unelected posts. We need officers who work for the majority of residents in the city, not the few who happen to vote tory and manage privately run homelessness accommodation in the city.

  5. Argusnot Reply

    There is much to be done; some businesses are still trading, some nurses can park and the bins are being emptied.

  6. David Trangmar Reply

    This is the right thing to do. I campaigned in East Brighton as the Independent candidate on a platform for more a collaborative and constructive politic across parties in our city. I would like to the Tories signing up to the major policy initiatives of a Green Labour alliance. A big ask l know. The residents of our city deserve and need this political stability and joint working approach. If they work together l am sure their combined talents will deliver good policy outcomes for the city. So good on them if they do!

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