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Posted On 23 May 2019 at 4:30 pm

The Brighton & Hove News Music Team listen to a wide range of music. We would like to share our musical journey with you and so this week we have been enjoying…..

Team Member – Alan Poole

The Release – ‘Music For The Motion Picture: Into The Wild’ by Eddie Vedder (Selected Video)
‘Into the Wild’ debut solo studio album by Pearl Jam vocalist Eddie Vedder, and is based on his contributions to the soundtrack for the brilliant film of the same name. Best track, ‘Society’ because it relates totally to how we have become, definitely worth a listen.

Team Member – Andy Murphy

The Release – ‘The Specials’ by The Specials (Selected Video)
The Specials. First Album. Having just seen Neville Staple play live I just had to revisit my youth. A great album with such great memories.

Team Member – Cris Watkins

The Release – ‘Young Enough’ by Charly Bliss (Selected Video)
Beautifully crafted bubblegum pop/rock from New York’s ‘Charly Bliss’. After catching them at this year’s Great Escape festival this is getting spin after spin. Check out ‘Blown To Bits’, ‘Young Enough’ and ‘Hard to Believe’.

Team Member – David McLean

The Release – ‘I am Easy To Find’ by The National (Selected Video)
Does the idea of REM’s slow ones married to Radiohead’s jerky beats sound awful or intriguing? If the latter you’ll love the newie from The National.

Team Member – Guy Ramone

The Release – ‘Ben Bilirim’ by Barış Manço (Selected Video)
‘Dere Boyu Kavaklar’ – This song just grooves, put in on repeat and you can listen for hours…I do!

Team Member – Ian Bourn

The Release – ‘Rocket To Russia’ by Ramones (Selected Video)
Chatting with Charlie Harper, the UK SUBS supported the Ramones in 1980. I was on Ramones ‘Rocket To Russia’ tour road crew and we remembered how Joey had to be helped or carried off the stage after a set. I had forgotten that until Charlie reminded me! Anyway I recently indulged in a replacement copy of this album. And you know what? It still sounds fresh, exciting and punk as it did when released.

Team Member – Jan Hinchy

The Release – ‘Low’ by David Bowie (Selected Video)
Reminded me of Berlin.

Team Member – Karl Smith

The Release – ‘Raw As F**k’ by Freestylers (Selected Video)
I dedicate the album to Jordan Hughes RIP. Sad news this week a life taken too early. ‘Raw As F**k’ reminds me of him, he was a talented boxer and fighter. Loveable rogue you’ll be missed. Respect.

Team Member – Kate Durach

The Release – ‘Igor’ by Tyler, The Creator (Selected Video)
Youthful quirky innovation from this infamous US rapper who had been banned from the UK for homophobic language (but is himself gay).

Team Member – Mark Kelly

The Release – ‘How The West Was Won’ by Peter Perrett (Selected Video)
This album was rightly hailed as a return to form when it was released a couple of years ago. Peter’s elegantly wasted lyrics and dry vocal delivery are present and correct, and his son Jamie’s blistering guitar work is astonishing. Well worth a listen.

Team Member – Mark Kite

The Release – ‘Separates’ by 999 (Selected Video)
My album for this week is Separates by 999. I have played this album 3 times this week. Some brilliant 999 tracks such as ‘Feelin Alright With The Crew’, ‘Rael Rean’, ‘Tulsa Hill Nights’ and the seminal ‘Homicide’. This was the second offering from 999, released in 1978. This is one of my favourite albums of all time and I have gone through 4 copies of the vinyl in the 41 years I have played it. Give it a listen.

Team Member – Martin J Fuller

The Release – ‘Tempérements’ by Malik Djoudi (Selected Video)
After witnessing the Frenchman’s brilliant appearance at this years Great Escape Festival, I had to check out this album and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Electronic wizardry contrasts with Djoudi’s soft Gallic vocals to make for an awesome outcome.

Team Member – Michael Hundertmark

The Release – ‘1000’ by Versing (Selected Video)
A new discovery of mine whilst on my travels to Seattle. ‘Versing’ Homegrown local band, signed to independent label Hardly Art. The single ‘Renew’ on the recently released album ‘1000’ superb seeing them live as well. Has a sort of good feel factor summer vibe to it.

Team Member – Nick Linazasoro

The Release – ‘The Undertones’ by The Undertones (Selected Video)
As I enjoyed their De La Warr performance this week, I dug out my old copy of the 31 track CD and played it again…and again. It was originally released 40 years ago on 13th May.

Team Member – Nick Tutt

The Release – ‘We Do ’em Our Way’ by Various Artists (Selected Video)
Album this week is ‘We Do ’em Our Way’; various artists. Just love alternative, versions of old classics. Hard hitting overdriven guitars, thumping bass lines, and up tempoed recreations.

Team Member – Richie Nice

The Release – ‘Weather Diaries’ by Ride (Selected Video)
Some records just keep finding their way back onto my turntable again and again. This joyous and expansive return to form by veteran shoegazers Ride will never stay put away for long.

Team Member – Ross Harper

The Release –‘F.A.C.T’ by Carl Cox  (Selected Video)
Classic timeless techno from the master himself, Carl Cox.

Team Member – Sara-Louise Bowrey

The Release –End Of Suffering’ by Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes (Selected Video)
Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes: ‘End Of Suffering’ is my choice this week because of their performance I witnessed at The Great Escape – review HERE.

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