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Posted On 06 Jun 2019 at 4:30 pm

Team Member – Alan Poole

The Release – ‘King Of The Surf Guitar’ by Dick Dale And His Del-Tones (Selected Video)
Bit of a blip this week. ‘King Of The Surf Guitar’ is the second studio album of surf music by Dick Dale, released in 1963, just working my way through the album.

Team Member – Andy Murphy

The Release – ‘The Day The Country Died’ by Subhumans (Selected Video)
Revisiting an old fave from the anarcho punk scene. Saw them play in Lewes on Sunday and they were still full of the same anger and passion for the cause 36 years on from this their first album. Listen with the volume turned up loud.

Team Member – Cris Watkins

The Release – ‘Blood Sweat & Towers’ by Towers Of London (Selected Video)
After 2 storming shows at Camden Rocks this year, I had to dig into the Towers 2006 album a mix of punk and 80’s hair rock with some serious attitude, check out ‘I’m A Rat’, ‘F*ck it Up’ and ‘Kill The Pop Scene’. They’ll all have you jumping around and shaking your head!

Team Member – David McLean

The Release – ‘No.1’ by Pottery (Selected Video)
Montreal band heavily in debt to New York. The usual references, Modern Lovers, Velvet Underground, Television, but all put together neatly.

Team Member – Guy Ramone

The Release – ‘Rammstein’ by Rammstein (Selected Video)
The seventh studio album by German Neue Deutsche Härte band Rammstein which is their first studio album in ten years.

Team Member – Ian Bourn

The Release – ‘Jazz’ by Queen (Selected Video)
This week mostly listening a replacement slab of vinyl. This was Queen’s final ’70’s offering, ‘Jazz’. It sounds great now, heavier than I remember, but it’s been a while! Several hit singles and this record offered up a distinctly different sound and vibe from some of the bands releases. Great memories with this album and when I road crewed for them in Edinburgh. The latest re-issue has the now infamous poster back in the sleeve. The sound, along with good images and packaging, reignited a kind of forgotten passion for one of my favourite Queen albums, and so Side A is back on!

Team Member – Jan Hinchy

The Release – ‘Rammstein’ by Rammstein (Selected Video)
Bought and been listening to the new self titled Rammstein album. A good quality melodic guitar and electronic track mix addition to their solid album repertoire.

Team Member – Karl Smith

The Release – ‘Love & War’ by Daniel Merriweather (Selected Video)
Such a great album, needed to hear it again as there was some fake news about. Don’t know why he hasn’t released anything since. ‘Red’ definitely my favourite.

Team Member – Mark Kelly

The Release – ‘Fragile’ by YES (Selected Video)
Yes – Fragile (1972): An example of Yes’s work from their imperial phase. This album includes the classics ‘Roundabout’, ‘Long Distance Runaround’ and ‘Heart Of The Sunrise’. Whilst some of the music herein is indeed fragile, some of the playing is really quite muscular. A classic.

Team Member – Mark Kite

The Release – ‘The Collection’ by Stone Heroes (Selected Video)
It is a collection of all their EP’s and singles from 2012-2015. I purchased my copy when I saw the Stone Heroes supporting the Vibrators at the Prince Albert in 2017. Since that gig I can’t stop playing it and there are some brilliant tracks here. The band are just about to release a new album soon. I recommend everyone to try this album but beware there are only a few of these left on their website. I can only describe their sound as an intriguing combination of Janine’s powerful voice, melodic guitars and powerhouse drums and bass with influences ranging from Penetration, Patti Smith, Siouxsie and the Banshees, the Doors and the Damned. www.stoneheroes.co.uk

Team Member – Martin J Fuller

The Release – ‘Sink Ya Teeth’ by Sink Ya Teeth (Selected Video)
Eponymous debut album from the Norwich based electronic duo who I saw recently at the Green Door Store as part of the Great Escape New Music Festival. This really is a very accomplished piece of work, so good in fact that it was named on ‘BBC 6 Music Recommends Albums of the Year’ list 2018. If you like electronic music with a twist, this is for you.

Team Member – Michael Hundertmark

The Release – ‘Sacred Dreams’ by Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation (Selected Video)
After the anticipation of hearing some new tracks played live at Mutations Festival, I decided to acquire the new album by Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation ‘Sacred Dreams’. It does not disappoint with all takes of modern psychedelia from the Swedish outfit. A new shift orientated towards pop and vocals,with more directions, compared to the earlier guitar driven material.

Team Member – Nick Linazasoro

The Release – ‘No.1 In Heaven (40th Anniversary Edition)’ by Sparks (Selected Video)
Always had a soft spot for brothers Ron and Russell Mael, ever since buying their 1974 hit ‘This Town Ain’t Big Enough for Both of Us’ on 7” at the time from Boots in London Road, Brighton, where they used to have the discs on sale at the back of the store. This album is celebrating 40 years and is clear a trio masterpiece as they had Giorgio Moroder on board. Back then everything he did was gold dust.

Team Member – Nick Tutt

The Release – ‘Snap!’ by The Jam (Selected Video)
A rather late comer to The Jam, today we have been listening to ‘Snap!’ Reminds me of seeing From The Jam at Concorde2 with my wife. Right at the front with her foot up against the barrier holding back the Mod hordes! LOL.

Team Member – Richie Nice

The Release – ‘And Now For The Whatchamacallit’ by Psychedelic Porn Crumpets (Selected Video)
I bought it for the pretty coloured vinyl and fell in love with its trippily insistent wig out grooves, which evoke the shimmering heat haze of an Australian sunset.

Team Member – Ross Harper

The Release – ‘More Fast Songs About The Apocalypse’ by Moby & The Void Pacific Choir (Selected Video)                                                                                                                              Perfect music from a very special artist who I will always hold close to my heart…

Team Member – Sara-Louise Bowrey

The Release – ‘Amyl & the Sniffers’ by Amyl & The Sniffers (Selected Video)
Deservedly Radio 6 Music’s album of the week. Packed to the brim with energy frustration and angst.

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