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Posted On 23 Jun 2019 at 3:02 pm
UK Subs have announced Sussex gig – see below (pic Ian Bourn Photography)

There’s not many bands that have the respect of everyone on the punk scene, but Charlie Harper’s UK Subs is the exception.

They formed in London in 1976 as Subversives and have been the mainstay of the punk scene ever since. Charlie is venerated as the godfather of UK punk and yet there seems to be no slowing down for him. It must be the fine Sussex sea air near his house.

UK Subs

He’s been continually flying the punk and R’n’B flag, now for 43 years – that’s commitment! No wonder the UK Subs are widely recognised as one of the most consistently and visibly successful punk bands – they maintain and pioneer the true spirit of punk rock, without the compromise and watering-down that has affected so many of their contemporaries.

The band has released an album for every letter of the alphabet from 1979’s ‘Another Kind Of Blues’ through to 2016’s ‘Ziezo’ and having done that there is no sign of stopping. There’s a brand new album release entitled ‘Subversions II’ on the near horizon, which is a covers album of Charlie’s fave tracks down the years.

The forthcoming double 10″ ‘Brand New Age’ albums from the UK Subs

Not content with that, yesterday, the band announced that their second ever album ‘Brand New Age’ from 1980 is to be reissued on gatefold double-10″ heavyweight yellow and neon pink vinyl on 12th July, as a follow up the recently well-received Record Store Day 40th anniversary double-10″ reissue of the Subs’ debut LP ‘Another Kind Of Blues’.

The ‘Brand New Age’ release will come with exclusive new liner notes (complete with lyrics) from original members Charlie, Nicky, Paul and Pete and features no less than ten bonus tracks spread across the four sides. The extended track listing reads:

SIDE A: A1. You Can’t Take It Anymore A2. Brand New Age A3. Public Servant A4. Warhead A5. Barbie’s Dead A6. Organised Crime

SIDE B: B1. Rat Race B2. Emotional Blackmail B3. Kicks (1.52) B4. Teenage B5. Dirty Girls B6. 500 CC

SIDE C: C1. Bomb Factory C2. Emotional Blackmail II

Bonus Tracks C3. She’s Not There C4. Kicks (Single Version) C5. Victim C6. The Same Thing

SIDE D: D1. Warhead (Single Version) D2. The Harper D3. I’m Waiting For The Man D4. Teenage (Single Version) D5. Left For Dead D6. New York State Police

Order your copy HERE.

There’s always something on the go with Charlie, whether it be playing with his beloved Subs or going it alone as a blues artist or simply turning up to support other punk acts. I have even seen him help out on merch stands for other acts whilst they are performing on stage. For Charlie it’s a way of life. I can’t think of any other male senior citizens who sports a whole mop of dyed blue/green hair – Legend!

I have witnessed the UK Subs many times over the decades and they honestly still have that essential 1977 sound!

You can next catch the UK Subs locally in Sussex on Sunday 24th November at the Con Club in Lewes, which is located at 139 High Street, Lewes, East Sussex, BN7 1XS. Support on the night will come from the famous ‘Peacehaven Wild Kids’ Peter & The Test Tube Babies, as well as Nuffin’ also appearing on the bill.

You can grab your tickets before they all sell out – click HERE.  

Find out more about the UK Subs HERE and HERE.

Gig flyer

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