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Posted On 29 Jun 2019 at 6:06 pm

The Brighton & Hove News Music Team listen to a wide range of music. We would like to share our musical journey with you and so this week we have been enjoying…..

Team Member – Alan Poole 

The Release – ‘Ultra Sonic’ by The Eliminators (Selected Video)

This week what with the fine weather has to be surf music from ‘The Eliminators’ and their album ‘Ultra Sonic’.

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Team Member – Andy Murphy

The Release –Demons’ by Casual Nausea (Selected Video)

It’s taken seven years for this band to release their first album but it has been worth the wait. Saw them playing in Hastings last week and this album exudes all the energy of their live show. A whirlwind 19 tracks in 42 minutes. I particularly love the shared vocals between Simon and Zoe.

Team Member – Cris Watkins 

The Release – ‘RockNRoll Machine’ by Turbonegro (Selected Video)

Turbonegro’s ninth album channels everyone from Van Halen, Europe, Elton John and above all AC/DC. It’s tongue in cheek but it really works coming across as a rock opera all synth and big riffs with some stand out tracks ‘Skinhead Rock & Roll’ feels like the Who, ‘Part III Rocknroll Machine’ which is pure AC/DC riffage and the ‘John Carpenter Power Ballad’ which comes across as true hair metal of the 80’s. It’s a mishmash that somehow works and works well!

Team Member – David McLean 

The Release – ‘Rainford’ by Lee Scratch Perry (Selected Video)

Lee Scratch Perry – Rainford, no different to anything that he’s done these past 50 years, that’s why it’s great.

Team Member – Guy Ramone 

The Release – Overkill’ by Motörhead (Selected Video)

“I’ll be your sister”…unbeatable for rock’n’roll excess.

Team Member – Ian Bourn

The Release – ‘Tubular Bells 2’ by Mike Oldfield (Selected Video)

It’s not always rock and roll! One of my most regularly visited slices of vinyl is ‘Tubular Bells 2’. Like another pleasure in life, this builds slowly and finally reaches a crescendo of rock, bagpipes, guitar, banjo and shouting. A go to album if I need to chill for a bit.

Team Member – Jan Hinchy 

The Release – ‘No.1 In Heaven (40th Anniversary Edition)’ by Sparks (Selected Video)

I bought the Sparks 40th anniversary ‘No.1 In Heaven’ album as I noted it was a Nick choice a few weeks back. I had the 12 inch orange vinyl of ‘Tryouts For The Human Race’ so hearing the Peter Cook jokes on the extras was great. In relation to that I played an FFS CD (Franz Ferdinand, Sparks).

Team Member – Karl Smith 

The Release – ‘Best Of Hall & Oates: Starting All Over Again’ by Hall & Oates (Selected Video)

After listening to De La last week, with the samples they used and there were many. My favourites was ‘Say No Go’ which was from Hall and Oates ‘I can’t go for that’. So started rummaging through me vinyls. A lot of good that was. Forgot to buy a new needle, arghh!!! So turned to the CD collection. This week I’ve been listening to the CD ‘Starting All Over Again’ which is a best of album and my only cd by Hall and Oates. Have got many on vinyls but my earliest is ‘Private Eyes’ going back another seven or so years from De La. Still love this laidback, rhythm and blues rock duo. 

Team Member – Mark Kelly

The Release – ‘Abbey Road’ by The Beatles (Selected Video) 

Album of the week for this week is The Beatles’ ‘Abbey Road’. This was effectively their last hurrah despite being released eight months before ‘Let It Be’. It’s possibly their most mature work and is frustrating in a way as it gives hints of the future directions they could have gone in. The second half of side two is an absolute masterpiece.

Team Member – Mark Kite 

The Release – ‘The Politics of Dancing’ by Re-Flex (Selected Video)

My album for this week is ‘The Politics of Dancing’ by Re-Flex. I had this album on Cassette in the early 80’s and I have to say it is one of my all time favourites. ‘Praying To The Beat’ kicks off this masterpiece with other great tracks such as ‘Hit Line’, ‘Hurt’ and ‘Sensitive’. Pretty hard to get a copy of this one these days so you may need to hunt a copy down.

Team Member – Martin J Fuller

The Release – ‘Goat Girl’ by Goat Girl (Selected Video)

Impressive raw eponymous debut album from this all-female DIY South London quartet.

Team Member – Michael Hundertmark

The Release – ‘Self Talk’ by Olympia (Selected Video)

I recently enjoyed her live set supporting Julia Jackin. Quite a powerful voice and catchy tunes. Looking forward for the Melbourne songwriter to return for a solo tour in the autumn.

Team Member – Nick Linazasoro 

The Release – ‘Fun Generation – The Superhits Of Glam And Glitter’ by Various Artists (Selected Video) 

I picked this Dutch 4CD set about 20 years ago and I have visited it many times during that period in order to get my Glam Rock boost. It’s packed with many corkers, but the Dutch interpretation of glam rock and mine do differ somewhat, but having said that, it’s a great listen, even though it does include the one that we no longer speak about! 

Team Member – Nick Tutt 

The Release – ‘Plastic Surgery Disasters’ by Dead Kennedys (Selected Video) 

Absolutely love this album from when it hit the shelves back in the day and still do.  Fabulous track listing and more melodic than ‘In God We Trust’.

Team Member – Richie Nice

The Release – ‘Body Bag Your Scene’ by Riskee & The Ridicule (Selected Video)

Ashford’s finest go from strength to strength, and their latest offering of grime style rap over bouncy punky guitars is immediately impressive. The hooks are massive, the lyrics incisive, and frontman Scott’s vocal style puts me in mind of Scroobious Pip, which is praise indeed.

Team Member – Ross Harper

The Release – ‘Everything Is Wrong’ by Moby (Selected Video)

I’m ‘Feeling So Real’ this week as I’m at Glastonbury and looking forward to some serious raving and so to that end my choice this week is ‘Everything Is Wrong’ by Moby.

Team Member – Sara-Louise Bowrey 

The Release – ‘Glastonbury 2019’ by Various Artists (Selected Video)

As I’m based at Glastonbury for this week taking thousands of photos, it would therefore be ideal to flag up their varied Spotify playlist.

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    Motorhead on same level as Ramones the BEST

    • Nick Linazasoro Reply

      Thank you for your interest Dave 🙂

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