Man attacked in centre of Brighton

Posted On 08 Feb 2020 at 5:24 pm

A man has been attacked in the centre of Brighton, near the Prince Regent swimming pool.

An area between North Road and the public baths was cordoned off earlier today (Saturday 8 February).

Sussex Police said: “We responded to reports of an assault in Barrack Yard, Brighton. Inquiries are continuing.

“If anyone has information, please contact Sussex Police on 101, quoting serial 600 of 08/02.”

A contributor to the Sussex Homeless Support Facebook page said: “A homeless man has been badly attacked behind Prince Regent pool. Police have cordoned off the area.

“I have heard they are looking for another homeless man.

“I heard shouting earlier. It looks serious and I can’t get an answer on how bad it is. Worried about my friends who live there in tents.”

Homeless campaigner Jim Deans responded: “One of the homeless got beat up this week and broke his arm.”

He said that an emergency shelter would be open tonight, with stormy winds and rain forecast.

The severe weather emergency protocol (SWEP) shelter is due to open at Brighton Town Hall at 7pm.

It will be open again tomorrow (Sunday 9 February).

Anyone with concerns about someone trying to sleep on the streets can call 07793 024862 to speak to a member of the SWEP duty team once the shelter has opened.

  1. Ruth Vizor Reply

    Why is there no permanent solution
    Small studios etc or sheltered housing specific to needs not mixed with elderly retired frail people
    Too many deaths & no one should live in a tent longterm

  2. Miles Reply

    We need to move them out of town. Perhaps build a large home for them in mouslecomb white hawk or mike oak. Brighton is going to be less attractive to Londoners investors and students if goes down hill. Will end up full of homeless unemployed and people on spice fighting

    • Nimby Molester Reply

      Yes Miles what a great idea! Let’s all dump them in a ditch and forget about them. That way really valuable people like Londoners and investors can open more fancy chocolate shops and stationary stores while the have-nots rot far away.

  3. Judas Reply

    It’s sad that in a town as prosperous as Brighton, many people (largely young men, often with mental health needs) are still living on the streets. I would like to see more council money assigned to help with this genuine, visible suffering.

  4. Maxine Horn Reply

    Every mental health care institution got closed down, sold off and turned into flats by corporate developers in the ’90’s. Vulnerable patients were dumped into the community to deal with. How on earth did we all let that happen ? We should rise up and demand that safe, secure, medically trained people / facilities are reinstated asap rather than leave vulnerable people to fend for themselves.

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