Brighton and Hove Labour parties pick leadership rivals

Posted On 13 Feb 2020 at 11:58 am

Labour’s three constituency parties in Brighton and Hove have chosen which MPs to back in the contest to become the next national leader and deputy leader.

The two Brighton constituencies – Kemptown and Pavilion – picked Rebecca Long-Bailey while Hove plumped for Sir Keir Starmer in the leadership race to replace Jeremy Corbyn.

Each of the three constituencies chose a different woman in the battle for the deputy leadership after the resignation of Tom Watson.

Brighton Kemptown chose Rosena Allin-Khan, Brighton Pavilion picked Dawn Butler and Hove members voted for Angela Rayner.

Brighton Kemptown

Party members gave their backing to Rebecca Long-Bailey after three rounds of voting. She also has the support of the constituency’s MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle.

Third round of voting – Brighton Kemptown CLP

Candidate Votes
Rebecca Long-Bailey 70
Sir Keir Starmer 56

Mrs Long-Bailey beat Sir Keir by 14 votes in the third round of voting. She had been three votes short of a majority in the second round, with 61 to Sir Keir’s 36.

Dr Allin-Khan, who recently spoke at a meeting in Brighton to canvass support, won with 57 more votes than her closest rival, Richard Burgon, in the first round of voting.

Only party members who attended the constituency meeting could vote.

Mr Russell-Moyle has given his support to Rebecca Long-Bailey and Angela Rayner. He said: “Rebecca will professionalise the operation. We have lost four elections under Gordon Brown, Ed Miliband as well as two under Jeremy Corbyn.

“We need to be comfortable with the Labour Party’s history. Angie and Becky will do that very well. They will not be shy about celebrating the last labour government. In 2017 we got the biggest share of the vote and then we saw the magic wear off. But I will say all candidates will be very good. Everyone should be good.

“Rebecca Long-Bailey pioneered our most popular policy, the green industrial strategy. She understands working class voices. She knows we have bridges to build. She’s loyal to Jeremy Corbyn and she was not involved in bullying.

“Rebecca is someone who understands the need for change.

“Whoever wins, I’ll be incredibly proud of the Labour Party and our values.”

“Angela Rayner is a perfect bridge. She’s not taking policy positions. She’s a wing-woman. She wishes to serve with Rebecca. Rebecca and Angie wish to serve together. Angela benefited from Sure Start herself. She understands who we need to reach out to.

“I will host a joint rally very soon here in Brighton and Hove for Rebecca Long-Bailey and Angela Rayner.”

The details of the rally have yet to be finalised.

Brighton Pavilion

Rebecca Long-Bailey MP was the clear winner for the Brighton Pavilion nomination, with 36 more votes than her nearest rival, Sir Keir Starmer, in a single round of voting.

Less than 7 per cent of the Brighton Pavilion Labour membership voted, with 190 casting votes. Party members were not allowed to vote by post or proxy. They had to vote in person.

Dawn Butler won the final round of voting for the deputy leadership in Brighton Pavilion, with Rosena Allin-Khan coming second.

First round of voting

Candidate Votes
Rebecca Long Bailey 99
Sir Keir Starmer 63

Hove and Portslade

The Hove and Portslade Constituency Labour Party voted for Sir Keir who was chosen after two rounds of voting.

Angela Rayner was picked for deputy leader after four rounds of voting.

Second round of voting

Candidate Votes
Sir Keir Starmer 159
Rebecca Long-Bailey 83

Former councillor Penny Gilbey, who represented North Portslade on Brighton and Hove City Council until last May, said: “All the candidates are excellent. Whoever is elected as leader, it is important for the party to unite behind him or her.”

Another former councillor, Emma Daniel, organised a meeting addressed by Sir Keir, who is also the choice of Hove MP Peter Kyle.

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    Hardly a massive turn-out, was it!

  2. Geoff Reply

    Seems the people of Hove want a candidate who can actually win a general election, while their Brighton counterparts refuse to accept that Corbynism is dead.

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