Undercliff path closes after rockfall

Posted On 13 Feb 2021 at 10:45 am

A popular seafront path has been closed after a rockfall.

Brighton and Hove City Council said yesterday: “The Undercliff Walk is being temporarily closed between Asda at Brighton Marina and Saltdean because of cliff erosion and the risks to public safety.

“This week we have seen some small chalk debris falling along the Undercliff.

“We have since carried out further inspections of the area and have taken the decision to temporarily close this section of the Undercliff during this period of cold weather.

“Freezing temperatures can increase the risk of cliff erosion and falling debris.

“We have put up temporary fencing and warning signs. Please do not access this area.

“We will be carrying out daily inspections of the Undercliff and we will also be using a specialist consultant to carry out a visual survey to identify any areas which may need additional work.”

Council leader Phélim Mac Cafferty said: “We know this is a popular spot for people to walk and exercise, especially during a time of national lockdown, but public safety is our number one priority.

“Please take notice of the fencing and warning signs and do not walk along this part of the Undercliff until we are sure it is safe to do so.

“We are fortunate that our city offers so many great walking and cycling routes and I’d urge people to explore alternative options until we can safely reopen the Undercliff.”

  1. bradly23 Reply

    between where exactly is it closed?

  2. sonofzorro Reply

    between Asda at Brighton Marina and Saltdean……

  3. BAHTAG Reply

    Very intriguing that the quoted statement frm the Green’s leader Councillor MacCafferty does not mention cycling on the Undercliff path?

    Does this mean that, at very long last, our City Council has, or soon will, ban all cycling on the Undercliff (except for children under 5, accompanied by an adult)?

    And will such a ban also be actively enforced, especially in the early morning, Monday to Friday, when the majority of cyclists are heading towards Brighton for work?

    After all it’s pedestrians, including little children, and the disabled
    etc, who are vulnerable, and thus needing to be protected from cyclists (and nowadays also from the unlawful use of those terrifying near-silent electric scooters!).

    And before any cyclist might start bleating about being banned – please remember that several years ago taxpayers funded a pukka cycle-track at cliff-top level, as part of the national South Coast Cycle Path project – so please use what’s already been paid for, even partly out of the taxes you’ve also paid!

    And if any cyclist has any complaints about that official cycle-path well, with a Green council now in charge, just get them to fix whatever you might think needs to be improved?

    • Billy Short Reply

      Well the undercliff path has been a cycle route for years and I see no reason for conflict with walkers if both parties show mutual respect.

      As a cyclist and pedestrian I can tell you it’s busy at key times and not at all at most of the time – but the main reason to use it as a commuting cycle route is that it’s on level ground.
      The downside to the undercliff path is that it’s often caked in chalky residue which can rut, and any pebbles are not bike wheel friendly either.
      We also know what can happen at high tide on stormy days – when the waves come over the sea wall.

      The upper cliff seafront route is very hilly for cyclists, but it’s also windy there where the path takes you close to the cliff edge.
      Cyclists also have the option of using the road.

      We do have to find a way of coexisting on this major artery route and the loss of the undercliff path is not good for anybody.

  4. Steve Reply

    The undercliff is one of my all time favourite places to cycle. Especially when the tide’s in and you can cycle right next to the sea. It has become so much busier over the decades but can still remain a shared spaced with mutual respect from all who use it. It’s a prime asset for all to enjoy.

  5. P. SMITH Reply

    Whenever i think of a cycle ride in lovely weather ..First and only place is the undercliff …Saltdean to Brighton pier for people our age especially..Avoiding the hills and traffic..We walk same route as well some times
    ..Look forward to it re-opening ASAP.

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