Attila The Stockbroker finally publishes his Collected Works

It’s all set to happen at 8pm on Monday 5th April 2021…. At last – The official publication by the ‘Finest Punk Poet in Sussex’ – Attila The Stockbroker’s ‘Heart On My Sleeve – Collected Works 1980-2020’ book has finally been unleashed on an unsuspecting world. It was supposed to have been published by Cherry Red Records book division on 10th September 2020 and launched with a massive gig at Dingwalls in Camden, followed by a tour of the UK and Europe. We all know what happened next….. So unlike the Titanic, this book has had two launches: the unofficial ‘online’ one last September, as the books were already printed and Attila wanted enthusiastic supporters to have the opportunity to still get a copy, and the official ‘everywhere’ one this coming Monday 5th April. From this date it will be obtainable in most booksellers, online and actual, independent and mainstream – and if you prefer, you can purchase a signed copy directly from Attila’s Bandcamp page HERE. ‘Heart On My Sleeve – Collected Works 1980-2020’ is Attila’s life’s work, all summed up within 336 pages, and illustrated by long time collaborators Phill ‘Porky the Poet’ Jupitus, Womble, Dan Woods and Nick Staples. If you have ever had fun at one or more of Attila The Stockbroker’s 3500 hard hitting, social surrealist, spoken word, punk rock tinged performances over the last 40 years, then you are surely guaranteed that some of the poems and song lyrics you will have heard will be located within the book. Similarly, if you’ve enjoyed Attila’s online posts, then you’ll be familiar with his clever use of the English language. And, carefully, all obvious caveats in place, Attila is starting to book actual live gigs to promote the book from July 2021 onwards, with maybe one or two outside ones earlier. More details soon….. Check out Attila’s Bandcamp page HERE. Visit Attila’s official website HERE. LIKE WHAT WE DO? HELP US TO DO MORE OF IT BY DONATING HERE. And don’t forget to sign up to our email newsletter, bringing you the week’s biggest stories every Thursday.