Councillors petition for lower speed limit along Hove road

A petition to lower the speed limit along a busy road in Hove has been started on the council’s website.

Conservative councillors Robert Nemeth and Garry Peltzer Dunn, who represent Wish ward on Brighton and Hove City Council, are calling for a 20mph speed limit along Portland Road.

They also want more patrols to tackle dangerous parking and a report on safety measures.

They have suggested corner build-outs at junctions and “humps” at the entrances to side streets as road safety measures.

But Councillor Nemeth said that the council’s focus on the Valley Gardens revamp has led to delays to works in Portland Road.

The petition, started on Monday (17 May), has attracted more than 350 signatures.

It needs 1,250 signatures to trigger a debate at a meeting of the full council on Thursday 15 July.

Councillor Nemeth said: “After a series of concerning incidents and many past discussions with the schools, we are calling for a 20mph speed limit to slightly lower average speeds.

“We have had many discussion with residents about the pros and cons over the years and have concluded that now is the time to reconsider 20mph.

“Such schemes are not as intrusive as once feared and are largely self-policing. An added bonus is that much of the existing signage on posts can be removed so the street scene could be much improved at the same time.

“Our petition also calls for the council to expedite a scheme that we agreed some time back, which includes corner build-outs and entrance humps on side streets. It was sadly delayed due to Valley Gardens but should be introduced immediately if safety is to be taken seriously.”

The petition is open on the council’s website until Wednesday 14 July.

Former Green councillor Christopher Hawtree has also started a petition calling for the council “to make the pedestrian crossing close to Westbourne Street one with buttons and lights to halt the traffic – and prevent further misery after the latest terrifying collision between a driver and a pedestrian”.

  1. Matt Jones Reply

    As a cyclist, I find those humps at junctions really dangerous. They have them in Edward street and they are really slippery when wet.

  2. Peter Challis Reply

    Totally in favour as long as they are followed. The previous schemes introduced by Green Party activists, was a failure with them being told that they had to be self-enforcing by the police, with use of traffic calming. They ignored this advice, and as a result hardly anyone obeys the limits.

    What will be different in Portland Road and will a “slight reduction” in speeds actually achieve anything in improving road safety?

  3. Valerie Reply

    There are two complementary petitions on the BHCC website – the other seeks a safe crossing in Portland Road. Making Portland Rd safe is overdue.

  4. Nathan Adler Reply

    The problem for Portland Road is that it has got so much busier since the A270 ‘temporary’ cycle lane reduced the the Old Shoreham Road capacity in half. Despite claims everyone local can see the effect of displaced traffic as cars avoid the OSR. One of the worst road for double parking as well.

  5. Bear Road resident Reply

    We have had a 20 MPH speed limit along our road for several years – a speed limit that is universally ignored by 99% of drivers (including the councils own vehicles).
    When we contacted the council transport department about possible enforcement action they told us that it was nothing to do with them and that the speed limit was effectively meaningless. Enquiries to our three ward councillors regarding enforcement have been totally ignored. So I’m not sure what the petition is likely to achieve.

    • Chaz. Reply

      Similarly on parking.
      The Drive has cars parked all over the pavement on both sides.
      I reported it as walking is dangerous.
      Councillors and council said not their job and nothing happens.
      Pathetic Greens.

      • TonyG Reply

        last 3 posts give the truest picture of what is actually happening. The suggestions are pointless. Sorry Robert.

      • Hove Man Reply

        Vastly overpaid pathetic Greens.

    • chris Reply

      Even the cyclists break that 20MPH rule past my house, but at least half of them are on the pavement so unlikely to cause any issues eh ?

  6. TonyG Reply

    All corner build-outs do is provide a “convenient” place for council to place huge recycling bins to obstruct view of approaching cyclists/pedestrians/mums with pushchairs from motorist’s view. I have often wondered what traffic police think of this potential danger.

  7. Billy Short Reply

    The key thing missing from this discussion is that Portland road is a major bus route.
    We have very limited public transport in this city and the last thing we should do is slow that down.

  8. hetty Reply

    @Billy your worries are misplaced. It’s not unknown for buses to break the 20mph speed limit along some of the roads where it applies.

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