Walk in vaccine service postponed after lockdown protesters disrupt Hove bus

Posted On 11 Jul 2021 at 5:44 pm

A walk in vaccination service in a bus on Hove Lawns was postponed today after anti lockdown protesters surrounded the bus until it left the site yesterday.

Notorious conspiracist Piers Corbyn shouted “Clear off you scum, clear off you disgusting specimens of humanity, clear off, go home.” as the bus left the seafront.

This morning, the NHS announced the bus would not be visiting Hove Lawns as planned today as a result.

One of the volunteers, Fiona Sharpe, said: “They were only successful in abusing and trying to intimidate the NHS staff/volunteers on the bus.

“We had finished vaccinating just under 200 people. They prevented us from going home after a long, wet day. The police ultimately had to escort us off the bus.

It wasn’t a whole lot of fun.

All credit to Sussex Police who ensured that eventually we we able to get off the bus safely.

“These people are aggressive bullies. It’s their choice not to be vaccinated but their behaviour was disgusting.”

Hove MP Peter Kyle tweeted: “These conspiracists calling NHS workers ‘Nazi scum’ sickens me to my stomach.

“The law is clear on harassment of frontline health workers: I hope Sussex Police gather evidence and bring those who bullied our vaccination bus off Hove Lawns to justice.”

Leader of Brighton and Hove City Council Phélim Mac Cafferty said: “It is incredibly disappointing to see the irresponsible actions of a few putting in danger the many.

“We encourage everyone to take up both vaccinations at the earliest point.”

NHS Brighton and Hove Clinical Commissioning Group, which organised the bus, supplied by Brighton and Hove Buses, said this morning: “We are sorry to announce there has been a change to vaccination services in the city today.

“Whilst giving people first and second vaccinations at Hove Lawns yesterday, the mobile team experienced disruption during the anti lockdown measures protest in the city.

“To ensure that everyone is able to receive their vaccine safety and without any pressure put upon them, we are postponing the Hove Lawns vaccination service today (11 July).”

Another walk-in service was available at Brighton Racecourse until 6.30pm today and more walk-in sessions will be available at Brighton Centre starting from 8.30am tomorrow morning.

  1. Adam Campbell Reply

    Sorry but why did the police allow this to happen? Facilitate the tin foil hat wearing Corbin and his loony mates, but push them back so those going about their legal right to receive the vaccination can do so. Brighton slips just that little bit further down the tube.

  2. Hove Guy Reply

    The two Corbyns, both mad as a hatter. Maybe it is in the genes.
    All those idiots protesting about the vaccinations should be allowed to choose not to have them, but not to prevent the rest of us from doing so. They should shut up or be shut up. In fact, the ideal situation would be for the government to issue vaccination passports and bring out a law that anyone without one would not be allowed on public transport, or entry to places of entertainmnet or hospitality, or in shops and stores. But unfortunately the government is selling out to these morons, so we can expect the infection rate to rise astronomically.

  3. Christopher Hawtree Reply

    All these protestors should picture the end of life, a struggle to breathe through a ventilator as the lungs collapse. That agony was endured by such people as Alan who worked uncomplainingly and humorously in the Bluebird charity Shop on Portland Road in Hove after he lost both legs.

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