Ethics policy

Our editorial policy is to cover the issues and events that affect and reflect the lives of the people living in Brighton and Hove.

We aim to be fair and objective and, where possible, explain things in a meaningful way with context and analysis.

We don’t always get it right and factual mistakes and errors, where identified either by ourselves or readers, will always be corrected as soon as possible. We will highlight such corrections where appropriate. You can read more about our corrections policy here.

As members of the Independent Community News Network, we have undertaken to abide by IPSO’s Editors Code of Practice.

Verification and fact checking

Brighton and Hove News expects all facts used in our news reporting to be reliably sourced. We always seek to corroborate claims made to us and to cross-check facts.

We always encourage sources to speak to us on the record, but may withhold a source’s name if the news value warrants this and the information cannot be obtained any other way.

We also speak to unnamed sources to gain background or context to stories.

However, unnamed sources would not normally be the sole basis for a story nor allowed to make personal attacks.

We never pay sources for information.

Fairness and balance

Brighton and Hove News always strives to seek responses from those whose conduct is questioned in news stories.

In the case of breaking news, while we publish established facts as quickly as possible, we aim to update what we can when we can from any opposing sides or with more background.

Developing stories should say where opposing sides have been contacted but not yet reached and indicate that they are still being updated with “more to come” or similar.

Errors, corrections and clarifications

Errors should be acknowledged quickly and straightforwardly and corrected as soon as possible. A note should be included to indicate the correction of any significant errors.

Clarifications will be made where a story creates an inaccurate impression.

Archive stories will only be removed where there are significant legal reasons for us to do so. We want our archives to be accurate, complete and up to date.

Professional conduct

When reporting, we will always normally identify ourselves to news sources except in the rare circumstances where an investigation requires that we do not.

We are responsible for our own reporting and do not plagiarise others’ work.


Quotations should always be the exact words that someone spoke, with the exception of minor corrections in grammar and syntax.

Visual imaging and editing

We never set up photographs or manipulate news events or images of them.

We respect copyright and seek permission to use pictures where necessary.

Meals, tickets and travel

As a general rule, we pay our own way.

We accept free admission to gigs, plays, etc, only for the purpose of reviewing or covering them.

Conflicts of interest and outside activities

We have no financial connection – including owning shares, employment or receiving a fee – to anything we cover.