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With the end of the second national coronavirus lockdown, Brighton and Hove has been placed under tier 2 covid restrictions.

Which tier of coronavirus restrictions should Brighton and Hove be in?
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Flock of sheep take a trip to Queen’s Park

A flock of sheep from Tenantry Down somehow managed to get into the quiet garden at Queen’s Park this

RSPCA comes to the rescue of gull stuck in bin

A seagull which somehow got itself stuck inside a locked Brighton recycling bin on New Year’s Eve was rescued

Brighton couple plan to build gothic castle in their back garden

A Brighton couple are planning to build a gothic castle in their back garden, complete with battlements and

Brighton’s ‘doughnut on a stick’ pays a tongue in cheek homage

Brighton’s “doughnut on a stick” – one of the nicknames for the British Airways i360 – has paid homage to some of

Rock snake has a growth spurt round Woodingdean park

A rock snake started by a Woodingdean family less than a fortnight ago is now almost 900 pebbles long after scores

Popstar sends special lockdown message to Hove schoolchildren

A former S Club 7 singer has helped cheer up Hove schoolchildren with a surprise greeting. Year six teacher Laura

Brighton choir channels TLC to urge people to make More Scrubs

A Brighton choir has taken inspiration from 90s girl group TLC in a video urging sewers to make the NHS More

Brighton hospital trust’s maternity team deliver smiles as well as babies

Something to make you all smile 😂😍🙌🏻 #ticktock #MDT #ThursdayMotivation #CaringForEachOther
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