Busy Brighton junction to close overnight for five nights

Posted On 25 Nov 2014 at 3:31 pm

One of Brighton’s busiest junctions is to be closed overnight for five nights running so the southbound side of the road can be resurfaced.

The Vogue Gyratory will be closed from 8pm to 6am from Monday 1 December to Friday 5 December inclusive.

Brighton and Hove City Council said that the closures were necessary to enable workers to put the “finishing touches to the current safety improvements”.

The council said: “The junction would have needed resurfacing anyway regardless of the government-funded project.”

It said that the work was taking place overnight to “minimise disruption to the locality” and letters had gone to more than 1,000 local addresses to warn people about the road closures.

The council said that it had been liaising with Sainsbury’s, the BP garage and other local businesses as well as the universities and bus companies.

Updates will be shared on Twitter and the council website.

Northbound traffic flows will be maintained throughout.

Southbound traffic, heading for the centre of Brighton, will be diverted up Coldean Lane and down Ditchling Road.

Drivers will be able to go as far south as Coombe Road but only for access. But there will be no access in or out of Hollingdean Road, Bear Road or Upper Lewes Road during the night works.

For the first three nights there will be no access in or out of the Sainsbury’s car park after 8pm. The store will be open as usual until 10pm on each night of the works, with all pedestrian access remaining in place.

The last piece of work on the project will be to set up new traffic lights. This should happen the week after the resurfacing, the council said.

It expects the traffic lights to be more efficient, adding that two miles of cabling had been laid under the surface.

Shortly after the traffic lights are switched on, the scheme should become fully operational.

The council’s lead member for transport, Councillor Ian Davey, said: “We apologise again for any disruption.  But when this is finished there will be much easier and safer travel through the area for the majority – those people travelling by bus, bike or on foot.

“Car drivers should also find it easier to negotiate. And there will be better access to businesses there such as Sainsbury’s where bendy buses can pull up for the first time because of the new layout.

“It will be good to finally deliver what people have asked for during consultation – a safer, more pleasant Vogue junction.”

  1. Steve Reply

    Majority are buses bikes and people walking? Does Ian Davey walk around Brighton with his eyes shut. More people drive in Brighton then walk cycle or take a bus. The bus service is Brighton is useless anyway and far to expensive. Cyclist ride on the roads and pavements with a death wish constantly ignoring the traffic flow and traffic lights. I would walk but tends to get quite cold this time of year. So I’ll stay in the real majority and drive my car in and out of town.

  2. alan Reply

    how many cyclists do you see in the winter, car drivers are paying for this , cant wait for the green party to get lost, they will never get back in as to what they done to brighton. i wound not come to brighton just to sit in trafic, so no money comming in der get a brain

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