Retired Brighton doctor defends e-cigarettes from ‘Brussels insanity’

Posted On 04 Mar 2016 at 2:14 pm

A retired Brighton doctor has defended e-cigarettes from what he described as “the ultimate Brussels insanity”.

Anthony Kenney, 74, from Ovingdean, said in a letter to The Times published today (Friday 4 March): “The tobacco companies must be delighted by the demise last week of the UK charity Quit, which has been helping smokers to stop since 1926.

“Sir Richard Doll, who demonstrated the link between tobacco cigarette smoking and lung cancer and strongly supported Quit, must be turning in his grave.

“The tobacco companies must be even more delighted by the possibility of electronic cigarettes (probably safe) becoming as expensive as tobacco cigarettes (definitely dangerous).

“A high tax on e-cigarettes represents the ultimate Brussels insanity.”

Anthony Kenney delivered 3,000 babies during his career as an obstetrician and gynaecologist and oversaw a further 20,000 births.

  1. Pearliegirliestar Reply

    Probably safe? Doctors used to recommend cigarettes and ‘probably’ said the same thing. I gave up smoking and had a lung test that said I had the lungs of a no smoker. I as more a non smoker than a smoker anyway, even when I was tested as a smoker I was healthy and walked for 10 miles at a time. 2 years of smoking an e cig I have had acute bronchitis and been very poorly indeed. I have been like this for a year, they tell me I have COPD. I know of several people who have had pneumonia and have been e cig smokers and I believe it is as dangerous or more dangerous than smoking.
    Wait for the proof before you wade in.

  2. power ranger Reply

    I for one made the switch from 15 years of tobacco smoking 6 years ago. Euro do-gooders have made ZERO attempts at running an kind of peer reviewed study, but continue to spout scaremongering. It’s clear that a sudden removal of tobacco would be a massive loss to the treasury in the UK and that of Europe as a whole. The fact that the sudden removal is happening over two or three years is inconsequential.

    F**king blithering idiots with no grasp on reality living so far in the land of politics that people are just numbers as far as their unelected decisions are concerned.

    Mark my words, The in/out referendum will be a landslide OUT.

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