Brighton's London Road traders complain of parking discrimination

Posted On 28 Nov 2012 at 11:34 pm
By Jenni Davidson

The joint chair of the London Road Area Traders’ Association has accused Brighton and Hove City Council of discriminating against London Road businesses by offering cheaper parking closer to the city centre.

Ann Townsend asked councillors why parking was cheaper in the Trafalgar Street multi-storey than London Road car park, despite being nearer to the centre.

She put the question at a meeting of Brighton and Hove City Council’s Transport Committee last night (Tuesday 27 November).

Several London Road traders attended the meeting to express concern over the council’s parking policy in the London Road area.

New parking charges and loading restrictions came into force in London Road in April this year.

According to Ms Townsend, some retailers have seen as much as a 30 per cent drop in trade since then.

Last week shopkeepers staged a protest in London Road against the parking charges and loading restrictions that they say are affecting their businesses.

Transport committee chairman Councillor Ian Davey said that there was no single cause of the difficulties that London Road was facing but they included the closure of the Co-op department store and the regeneration of the open market.

He also explained that the Trafalgar Street car park is currently cheaper because it is partially closed for refurbishment.

Cllr Davey said: “We all share the aspiration to make London Road a thriving area again.”


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