Anti-gay marriage leaflets spark liberal outrage

Posted On 17 Apr 2015 at 7:16 pm

People living in one of Brighton’s most liberal neighbourhoods were horrified to find anti-gay marriage leaflets on their doormats this week.

Caroline Lucas leafletA vicar was spotted delivering the leaflets in Hanover on Thursday, bringing back memories of the homophobic monk who posted hate-filled pamphlets last summer.

But these leaflets were from the Coalition for Marriage, urging people to use their vote to protest against same sex marriage on May 7.

Michael Hughes, found the leaflet when it was posted through his door in Islingword Place. He said: “When I saw it on the doorstep I thought, oh, it’s from the Green Party.

“But when I picked it up and read it I was shocked at the ridiculous bigotry. It’s laughable.

“It tell me Caroline Lucas voted for same sex marriage. I know, that’s why I voted for her.

“I think they’re pitching in the wrong part of the town.”

And Tom Mure from the Constant Service said: “There is a guy wandering around dressed as a vicar posting flyers about the evils of same sex marriage.

“I didn’t get a chance to inform him how bigoted and narrow minded he was, please if you get a chance tell him his views are not wanted and perhaps he may want to stop spreading his hatred and perhaps be more loving to his fellow man and who they want to love.”

A spokesperson for the Coalition for Marriage said: “It’s astonishing that because Brighton is a so-called left wing area, groups like the Coalition for Marriage (C4M) should not be campaigning in them.

“C4M is exercising its democratic right in highlighting how particular MPs have voted on the issue of redefining marriage, with the support of the 669,000 people from across the political spectrum who signed our petition.

“We are leafleting in selected constituencies where the candidate who held the seat voted for or against same-sex marriage. As part of this we have included the constituencies of the four party leaders who were elected in 2010 (Con, Lab, Lib Dem and Green). Caroline Lucas has since stepped down as leader, but she was the only Green MP.

“The same-sex marriage legislation was itself undemocratic, having not appeared in any manifesto. It has led to serious consequences for those with traditional beliefs, including Christians, Jews, Muslims and those without faith.”

All of the three Brighton Pavilion front-runners, the Green’s Caroline Lucas, Labour’s Purna Sen and the Conservative’s Clarence Mitchell, support same sex marriage.

A man was arrested by Sussex Police over the homophobic monk leaflets is currently waiting to hear whether he will be charged.

A police spokesman said: “A 51-year-old man from Corby, Northamptonshire, who was arrested in Brighton on 17 November last year on suspicion of distributing homophobic literature in the city earlier in 2014 has been rebailed while a police report is considered by the CPS. “

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